tangocynic strikes again


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Not a chance !!!.. I like to put my name to any editorials.. and, Im not in the same " league " in T/A, as many on this site ,and, would not be that pretentious ,to lecture them on "do,s and dont,s "in T/Arg..

Actually, I thought it was very funny ( and, many a true word spoken in jest ! )


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You dance and teach tango. You're a cynic. The connection is begging to be made. Just saying. :wink:

And ftr, TC is Top Cat, a Warner Brothers cartoon from the fifties. Everybody else is borrowing the moniker. Period.

Okay. Resume play. :lol:
coincidence, and i apologise for taking Top Cat's name in vain


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You probably didn't know about it, because only his friends got to call him TC.

ah but TC was called because Top Cat except in the UK where there was a brand of cat food with the same name and this put the kaibosh on the title and it was called Boss Cat...

although the lyrics remained roughly the same


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*suppressing urge to burst into song*

You have to admit, it was a pretty catchy tune. :wink:

And it was Hanna Barbera, btw, not Warner brothers. *hanging head in cartoon trivia shame* :oops: :lol:

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