team dance one woman - what is this called?

What is it called when several men dance with one woman to a fast hustle or maybe wcs. They just grab her away from each other taking turns.
Saw it last night and thought it was awesome. Great coordination, skill and sometimes the two men danced with her at same time .. wothout colliding.

Song lyrics "cannonball" but dont know the song title. Anyone hear it?
do you need to take lessons on this or just be a good dancer. Also can anyone just jump in on someone who is being cut in on - or is this mainly by agreement beforehand


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If it's anything like a swing jam, there aren't any fast rules, just some general etiquette, such as giving the preceding dancer 4 8-counts.

Also, the "Cannonball" that I know:



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Sometimes it's a "steal dance", usually if it's maybe 3-4 people taking turns dancing.

Otherwise it would be a celebratory jam (birthday jam for example) where as many people as possible (within reason) dance with the same person. That's just called a "jam" and the person everyone is dancing with is being "jammed"

This is in lindy-hop, balboa and blues.

As for stealing, it's rude to do it without consent of everyone involved so if it's an announced birthday jam, it's clearly ok, also sometimes it's ok to have a steal dance with your friends, preferably if you've talked about it before hand and occasionally the DJ will anounce "Steal dance!" and then that dance is a free for all stealing across the dancefloor.

You can learn specific steals and ways and times and places of stealing a partner that makes it as smooth as possible.

Super fun and really well executed steal dance between 4 people:

ETA: Here's a birthday jam

The termology does change with scenes and dances, but it's still relatively common to have this kind of stealing or celebrating of one person.
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If it's a birthday jam or something like that, anyone can jump in. If it's three friends who seem to always do it together, I would not jump in. If random people seem to keep jumping in, then go ahead. Sometimes at the end of the night my friends and I will start a cuts/steal jam and all kinds of people will jump in and steal, change roles, etc. It can be hilarious and fun.

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