Thank you to all the DF-ers


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I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can share positive changes that they connect to Dance Forums. I’m sure I am not alone in seeing a huge impact in my life as a result of all of the people who post here. This impact began when I was a lurker and has continued as a member. So, if you have stories or thoughts you’d like to share, please do.


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I’m going to refrain from naming names because I honestly believe that I could name something positive in my life – whether it be broadening my perspective or leading to a massive change – from every poster here. I want to share that what I comment on is quite small compared to what I read and think about from all of your posts. I do not believe I am alone in this and I also believe there are many lurkers (just as I started as a lurker) who benefit greatly from what is shared here. So, to everyone, I send a big thank you.

A note to the lurkers – you have a lot to share, and there will be someone (and most likely several ‘someones’) who will be touched by whatever you share or whatever question you ask. There are several members, and lurkers, who can benefit from your experiences, your thoughts, your questions and your point of view. So, if and when you feel inspired to do so, please join in the conversation. I look forward to learning from you.

As far as some positive changes I have taken from Dance-Forums:
- The energy of love for dance is inspiring. How I practice, how I think about dance, what goals I’ve set for myself, what I study when I’m away from dance, the very place dance has in my life and the purpose it serves have all been shaped and influenced by the thoughts I’ve had after reading all of your posts.
- All the positive stories that are uplifting reminders of all the good in the world have provided much needed boosts on a difficult day.
- The open sharing of challenges – both non-dance and dance – provides a lot of learning to apply to my own challenges. Also, the open sharing of challenges that are now in one’s past is a helpful reminder that my challenges will also pass.
- I’ve had quite a few major shifts in my thinking as a result of both public posts and private pms – these have exponentially increased the happiness in my life and have enabled me to enjoy dance on a level I would never have reached without the shifts.

Thank you all so very much.
CANI, thanks for the new topic. For me, Leonid Turetsky's thread in Dance Articles, "Results Not Going Your Way? -- Dance For The Following Reasons Instead!" came into my life at the perfect time. I wrote:

"Thanks you SOOO much, Leonid. For these lessons apply way and well beyond dance! In my academic studies, I have found that hours and hours and hours of study are no guarantee for stellar results. So when I get a lower grade here and there, I have to find solace in the other reasons why I am pursuing this degree--similar to your reasons explained below.

Best Regards!"


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I've always appreciated all the great advice on hair, make-up, and costuming including stoning techniques. So easy to find the comp. websites and the pictures are fun to look at. Thanks all posters, past and present.:kissme:
I've always appreciated all the great advice on hair, make-up, and costuming including stoning techniques. So easy to find the comp. websites and the pictures are fun to look at. Thanks all posters, past and present.:kissme:
It's a great, thriving community with high standards. Overflowing with insights, knowledge, good cheer, and (using a word from another thread) collegiality.

"Where everybody knows your (user) name..." :)



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DF showed me a community at large of people from various stages of their lives, various dance exposure or not, new perspectives of how to look and not look at dancing. DF continues to be a great resource for information sharing worldwide. Especially thankful, am I to the moderators!! For keeping us on track...well...for the most part!
A big heartfelt thank you to the DF cosmos for the accumulated wisdom here - I have spent the weekend stoning some practicewear to make a killer dress, and without all the advice posted it would have ended up looking like a cobbled together Holly Hobbie amateur hour disaster. (I have never glued a rhinestone on anything before, and now I feel like a seasoned bedazzler: 10 gross of stones down, about 6 more to go.) I am so excited to debut it next weekend for a performance! :D


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aw...good to know guys...always nice to see the ways in which we can all benefit from one another glad it has been good for you


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Yes, thank you DF, for saving my sanity at times when I lost it, for the moderators and their instinct informative ways, for all the discussions, support and funny moments on the keyboard the send smiles across the miles.


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So nice to see this thread again!! :D

Was commenting in another thread, so I'll add it here -- thank you to all the DF-ers to have adding to my reading list! I'm loving, and learning a lot, from the books! :cheers:


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Whenever I cannot dance for a reason or another I turn to DF.
Whenever I am feeling low I turn to DF.
Whenever something bothers me I turn to the DF community for advice.
Whenever I am bored with my everyday life I turn to DF.

Don't get me wrong, I only turn to DF for anything that is related to dance. To tell you the truth, most of my life is all about dance lately, so there you go! I turn to DF!


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Just to say this is not the only forum I go to, but I have many times more posts here than on any of the others. It's been great being here to share this common interest we know as dancing. Well, I guess since dancing helps us deal with the rough times and celebrate the good this carries over to discussing it as well.

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