Thanks for recommending In Cahoots San Diego CA

Thanks to you who recommended In Cahoots in San Diego for dancing this past week. My Husband (who doesn't dance) and I were in SD on vacation and went there Wednesday night. It was great! To get dancing I had to be brave and ask (total strangers of course) first a few times, but then I started getting asked as well, after the dancers saw me on the floor. I wish there was a place like this where I live!! People who live in big cities are SO lucky that they have many opportunities for quality dancing and quality intermediate/advanced dancers. Thanks again DANCE FORUMs!
Oh my gosh....In Cahoots is 5 minutes from my house and about 20 min from my home. I used to go there all the time with a girlfriend to line dance and a little two stepping too. It's a great place. Glad you had a good time. :D
In Cahoots

Great place to go freindly people and good music. Try a Sundy night when they have dodge ball for a couple oh hours and then dancing!

Vince A

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Other than an hour-and-a-half drive (95 miles South). I would assume different owners and different looks, but the same music and the same people - though they will look disimilar!

Steve Pastor

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OK, well, I signed up for a trip down San Diego way and saw In Cahoots as one of the CW places.
Anyone down that way want to talk about a DF meet up?
Anyone have more recent comments?

This thread is 11 years old! If the place is still there, they're doing something right.

Steve Pastor

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Danced with a woman from San Diego last night. She was more comfortable doing step together, step, (quick quick, slow) than what we do up here in Portland - quick quick slow, slow. He identified what she was comfortable with as "Texas Two Step." I have step sheets from here in Portland that call what WE were doing
"Texas Two Step."
Whatever, I guess.
I told here I was going to be at InCahoots next week. She likes the place.

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