The Bunny Thread


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:D So much for bunny world domination. ;) :lol:

Wow, no posting to this thread in a whole month!

(And we thought it had finally disappeared. :roll: )

Ah, but the crickets had plenty of time for chirping. 8)


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I think I might buy a bunny as a pet. Seriously. Once you have a cage/hutch for it, it seems like a nice, cuddly pet to have... Although I've read some scary things about keeping bunnies in outdoor hutches. Apparently, in those things, the bunnies are just sitting ducks, waiting for predatory animals to come eat them. Survival of the fittest and all that. :(
I had an albino bunny named Beauregard. We had him for like ten years, and I knew the day he died, because when I looked at his hutch, I didn't see that creepy red eye- he had lain down and just went to sleep. Edit- for clarity, yes, we did wrap him in a family-dollar cord rug and bury him in the Cat Graveyard with the rest of our beloved friends.

One time, just before easter, of course, there was a whole "tub full o' bunnies" at the pet store (which I usually boycott, because they in fact cater to "mills")... this one little caramel bunny came hopping right up to me- out of all the other bunnies. I actually at first was alarmed- bunnies are shy... was this one evil? But no, he just put his paws on my hand, sniffed me, and let me pet him. I regret not "saving" that one, because he was so sweet. I'd hate to see him spending every summer in some second-grader's inept care. I always hope he got a good home.

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