The cake photo thread...

*drools* I love red velvet cake.

You my dear are a cruel cruel woman. I really want a piece of red velvet cake now....

I do have all the stuff I need in the kitchen to make one...
I do need to sleep so I can function at work tomorrow...
That cake looks really good though...


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Wow - thanks for the chocolate pixs!! Nice way to start my Friday - I'm going to drink my coffee slowly while viewing them - mmmm


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*drools* I love red velvet cake.

LOVE red velvet. helped sister make an armadillo shaped one for a cast party for some show (it's referred to in the play, but can't remember which one it is). That was kinda fun. Esp as shaping the armadillo made for lots of cake shavings left over for us to eat. :)


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watch out everyone, samina is the cake making supremo. We're doomed :mrgreen:

Mmm that velvet cake looks very nice, can't say I've ever tried it. What are the ingredients for such a good looking cakie?

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