The cake photo thread...


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That is indeed a good book, and I've made that cake, too. It's a showstopper. Which it should be, considering the time it takes to make!
I'm looking at that picture thinking, I would have to be getting paid. A lot more than I usuallly get paid to bake. That's a LOT of work right there.
I'm reminded of a Simpsons episode: :razz:
Skinner: Mother doesn't approve of me dating so I need you to keep her busy for a few hours while Edna and I sneak out. [sneaks out]

Bart: Oh, I can't take much more of this.

Mrs. Skinner: I collect pictures of cakes that I clip out of the magazines. It all started in 1941 when "Good Housekeeping" featured a photo of a lovely cake. [opens album]

Bart: You wouldn't happen to have any real cakes around here, would you?

Mrs. Skinner: Oh, my, no. I don't care for cake, too sweet. Now, this is called a Lady Baltimore cake. [points to a picture] At my age, I don't have much saliva left, so you'll have to lick my thumb before I can turn the page. [gives Bart the thumbs-up]

Bart: Oh, can't I just turn the page for you? [reaches for the page]

Mrs. Skinner: [slaps Bart's hand away] No! But you can pick out any picture you want to take home with you.

Bart: Okay ... that one. [points]

Mrs. Skinner: [slaps Bart's hand away] No! You can't have that one! That's a coconut cake!


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For the more disturbed individual:

And yes, the cake itself is red velvet, in honor of an offbroadway play/movie which I'm sure many of you can name. :)

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