The Crushes You're Ashamed to Admit :-P

I am shamelessly enamored of Mark Ballas :oops: And Shia Labeouf (even though he's kind of a bad boy) and Clive Owen (even though he's old enough to be my dad :shock:). What about you guys?


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don't know the first two. not inclined toward crushes, in general.

clearly, i have no business being on this

but for the sake of fun... put me down for slavik.:cool:


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hustlenFlow, you should come up to Elephant Bar in Chicago Suburbs then. Bartender there that looks like Shia. Heh, may actually be working at sister's studio soon, we were trying to sell him on idea of career change saturday. :)

There are lots of guys around you. But you can keep dreaming about famous people. ;)

And when it comes to ages and love, well my BF is 16 years older than me, and I don't have any problems with that.


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Besides my shameless TV crush on Tony Dovolani (no, I do not want to meet him, Chris, unless it's in a coaching context) there really aren't any.

That I can go into here, anyway.

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