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Hi Kate!

Congrats on your work, but I don't believe posting your website in this spot is where this belongs. Might be better in the Website Forum area.

P.S. Ooops, looks like you already have! Thank you!
P.P.S Looks liek this has been moved. :)


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No offense Kate, it looks nice, but I already belong to three dance forums, and there are more out there! I don't need to get onto another one.
Yeah, it's going to be hard to start something like this from scratch. When you have a lot of strong, already established competition, like this site, you're gonna have to think of some original concept to attract visitors, or advertise at different places where people are not familiar with such forums.

I'm having trouble getting my local community to use new portal created just for them... :(

Wish you luck..


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SalsaWinnipeg said:
I'm having trouble getting my local community to use new portal created just for them... :(
Give it time SalsaWinnipeg. Heck, you wouldn't believe haow long it took us to reach the first 1000 posts here! Man, talk about slow start up! :lol:

Seriously though, if you put together something of quality, eventually people do take notice!


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Yes. It takes (seemingly) forever. And it takes help, too, Kate. You need at least a few people who are willing to devote a lot of time and effort to get the ball rolling, I think. It's not easy. But I agree with SD. Consistently good quality does get noticed, in time. 8)

Good luck. :D


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If I may make a suggestion...You are into all sorts of non-partner dance. Think up a couple interesting topics for each forum and post them. Then let people whom you know, perhaps in your class or whom you meet about it. Step be step. Not having any posts/topics is going to make it tough to get anyone to join. However, if you have some topics that people might want to discuss eventually people will come along and start participating. It does take take time though and lots of effort.
Good suggestion, Sgitta, and thanks for support, guys.
I was thinking the same thing, need some good topics at the forum to begin with and need a few very devoted people to help out. Well, I better start thinking of some new ideas.
Both forums look good, but it does certainly take time. You need to invite people to make posts, and plan on it taking a year or more to really get going. Some good Search Engine Optimization also helps. Kate, I think it will be tough using a free hosting account. It would be better to get your own domain. if you want to start a non-partner dance forum, I'd be happy to help.


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But it really is a joy when you see it start to take off, after months of hard work. One day, someone new will start a thread unsolicited. Or you'll see your forum pop up in a search engine. Or you'll see a conversation keep going without having to encourage it yourself. Then, it's all worthwhile. Good luck, both of you. :D


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Hmm. I wonder where Kate is. She pops in here every so often. I know she's a teenager trying to balance a full academic load and periodic dance exams. Pretty stringent stuff. Maybe keeping her forum alive, as well, was too heavy a load. :?

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