The Electric Slide

The Video and Copyright Paperwork

I have started an Official Electrtic Slide Club

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Copy and paste/ or click on the above link to join
I have the video files listed there - so you can watch me teach the steps - see the single and double line versions
there is also a copy of the Copyright Paperwork there for those of you who are interested.

PS - If you join - you are asked NOT to use the smiley faces but to post you own photo - so that others in the group will recognize you when we're out and - I just think it's friendlier.........
Hey - Even "Tripping The Rift" knows how to do it

Anyone catch Tripping the Rift on the SciFi channel tonight - the episode where Chode goes to his class reunion - and is teaching the Clown to be cool - they do steps 9 thru 18 from the original choreography - WOW!!!
What the DNB is saying

I have had the Dance Notation Bureau notate The Electric and also the 18 step dance as listed in Christy Lane's Complete Book of Linedancing.
The following is the cover letter that was sent with the charts.
The chart can be found on my site

Mr. Ric Silver
35 Village Lane #2
Groton, Ct. 06340-4540

Oct. 18, 2005

Dear Mr. Silver,

I have notated the two versions of the “Electric Slide” you requested based on my understanding of the word notes you provided. As I mentioned when we met, word notes can sometimes be open to interpretation. Although the two versions are not identical, there are many similarities, as though variations on a theme.


Ilene Fox
Executive Director
Dance Notation Bureau
151 W 30th St NYC, NY 10001

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