The Infamous Hijacked Thread.....


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AK?? Adventure Kitty??

Don't worry...not planning on doing anything to set of a fragile mod. (Well, maybe just a little bit of hijacking of the weather thread--consider it hazing for LG.)

That's as close as I intend to get to that subject.


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For fascination: :kissme:

I miss being able to watch Johnny Carson. I liked staying up when I was in college and watching his show, and then watching Letterman's show. Now, I can't even stay up to watch Letterman and he is now on an hour earlier. :roll:


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DP I will take that albeit a month late...thank for johnny, have you considered purchasing or renting from the library the many DVDs of his past seasons?


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Watched "Saving Private Ryan", and enjoyed it again.

Also saw "A Good Year", and highly recommend.

Speaking of a good year, business hasn't been up to par so far after the first quarter. Need to turn things up a bit for the spring.


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A Good Year wasn't a war movie. Instead it was a picture with Russell Crowe playing the lead role. He inherits his uncle's vineyard in France, goes over to deal with this, finds a new lady friend, and lives happliy everafter. Very good movie, highly recommend.

Also, I recommend enjoying warm sunny days in the middle of June instead of working, but ... I really need to get busy again ... soon.


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a cool crisp day in new england - makes me think of eating dill-crusted crayfish on the patio in gothenburg sweden...
Wow, that sounds yummy, and somehow romantic, too. :raisebro:

Hmmm ... I've got a couple of white wines to choose from to have with the seafood. :D

Never been to Norway or Finland either.
The hair is gorgeaous, and so are your smarts. :cool:
Gee, I must be balding if you can see my smarts :eek:
[but, thanks... its not something that is always regarded as attractive....]

Just saw a black cat cross by the patio this morning. He seemed to be a stray cat because of his scraggly and ruffled long hair.
Are you sure it was a tom? It could have been a female returning from a all-night swing and shampagne shower party... which reminds me of the time I went fishing and caughta shoe. for real, i actually did catch a shoe but didn't tell anyone as I figured they wouldn't believe me.... Oh, it was a left shoe by the way.

Love this thread - so glad you dug it up, its exactly how my mind works. Or not, depending on your perspective! :rolleyes:


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i think i remember only how to ask for a cup of coffee and say thank you. :)

my ex-hub is 1/2 swedish, 1/2 norwegian, and i grew up in minnesota which is heavily scandahoovian... used to have many friends from that part of the world. also had a thriving business in iceland for awhile... have always wanted to visit that part of the world.

i just gotta visit the blue lagoon in iceland sometime... ever been there, eddie?

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