The Madison

d nice said:
They are both right...

The dance faces a "forward" position, but the "basic" or "anchor" step is sort of a sideways twisting move. When I do the step my bodyfaces forward really only on the first touch forward, the rest of the time its mostly twisting from a 45 to 90 degrees to the right (remember to reverse the direction that is shown in the video).
Thanks. I'm thinking I'll recommend the Hairspray-facing one for stage when we start working on this in July. I'm gonna mail you a video of this show once we finally get it right.

I haven't 100% worked my way back into that show yet, but I'll manage it.

Reverse the direction? The left steps out first, right? The left does the 3 taps as the right supports it?
Peter Strom doing the Madison - Is the funniest and cutiest thing I have ever seen......

You would think that a dancer like him would know the whole dance but he just goes with the flow...... Love that...... !!!

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