the quantal shift - good to great and fast? seems to me that what most of us need to do in our dancing are the things we know deep in our souls we need to do more of (and don't really want to do) in dance and the rest of our lives for that matter... whether that be learning how to relax, or developing a plan and executing it instead of letting life meander, going on a diet, being less anal, being more outgoing or whatever... each of those things requires a different emphasis, or side of the brain, or school of thought or dance, or however you want to look at is impossible for us to ever really evaluate someone elses's journey...we may have our own hunch for them as well as for ourselves...but my suspicion is that neither way is the one "great white way" that only the truly enlightened choose to take
This, exactly. I've finally figured out that any issues (or strengths, for that matter) we have off the floor - no matter what they may be - are only magnified on it.


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Agreed. I have been struggling with the technique vs. relaxation/just dance concept for a long while. Technique has always been my stronger suit, or so it appears to everyone, but the truth is that I've just always been much more focused on technique because it doesn't feel like I *can* just relax and dance until I have that solid grounding of "I know what the he-- I am doing." *Finally* things are starting to click on the technique side...and I'm noticing, as a result, that I am thinking a whole lot less, and dancing a whole lot more. Not because I'm trying to, just because I'm comfortable with the technique for a change and don't have to think about it.
and ironically, once upon a time I was totally the "just dance and be in the moment " kind of gal...but that really wasn't I have technique-itis and need to let more of that old gal back in :)...I think it is a never-ending process of re-adjustment...because it isn't as if the technique part is mastered


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and ironically, once upon a time I was totally the "just dance and be in the moment " kind of gal...but that really wasn't I have technique-itis and need to let more of that old gal back in :)...I think it is a never-ending process of re-adjustment...because it isn't as if the technique part is mastered
I so agree with this... looking at old videos my technique was lacking but I was "free" in my dancing and often placed better than I do now. I got a case of technique-itis too and have become much better but seem to place lower... now I am working to get more of the old me back. Also, it seems lately that all the visiting coaches are working with me to just release and do what I know how to do, and not a bit of technique work....

Funny this thread came around now during the lastest part of my dance journey.


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I think the Inner Game works very well in lessons, if you can get your pro to go along with it. If I am trying to learn something new, and I can't conceive of it, by just allowing my body to try it, without judgement, several times, I can trust ( or this is what the Inner Game of Tennis book says), that my body will figure it out. I have seen this happen again and again, most recently when I was explaining to my female coach that I was unable to do a full spin and a half. While explaining this to her, I, for the first time, did one! It was almost as if my body finally learned what it needed to do to accomplish this, and by letting go.. in that I was telling her what I couldn't do... I did it! Hmmmm... hope that make sense.

Anyway, the main thing from the book, is to get our judgmental brain out of the picture and trust that in time our body will naturally figure out what we are being taught to do with repetition.


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re-read this last night. there were so many occasions where i wanted to post a reply and start up the chat again. :)

it's worth reading through in its entirety, IMO...even though i confess i purposely skipped the posts of a number of people. :rolleyes:


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i will say, it was personally powerful to read it because the thread started i think to the day of when i returned home from my last competition, and it was before then that i had my last private lesson. and now, this weekend i'm going to my first ballroom event since that last comp, so...feels like the book-ending of this lengthy hiatus.

what to make of it from a dance perspective, don't know. but i feel that i've been busy during this time doing things that would facilitate another "quantal shift". and i'm itching to test that out...


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happy reading, scullystwin.

as a preface to any new posts, i'd like to share that my hope is that new comments evolve the discussion beyond where it has already been. personally, i'm not interested in another 1000 posts of rehashing "left brain" vs. "right brain", as to my mind that's a pop-psychology over-simplification of a larger mechanism.

i'd love to see this go a bit further in defining that mechanism...and then specifically how to apply it to make a "quantal shift" from a dancer's perspective, however that dancer defines what their quantal shift would entail, be it rapidly becoming the kind of dancer that an adjudicator will give marks to at a particular level of competition, or a comfortable, present & connected social dancer who is happy in her own skin.

and then there are the challenges particular to an older dancer who is trying to make a quantal shift -- there are body challenges involved in that journey that may not exist for a younger dancer, or they may be less of a factor. and there are particular challenges for a late-starting dancer who hasn't spent his or her whole life dancing, even if that dancer has relatively free-flowing body awareness & movement.

there are still a lot of directions or areas this thread has yet to go, beyond the limited (IME) "LB/RB" paradigm.


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Yeah. It is annoying when people who haven't read the thread come back, much later, and say things that are irrelevant, in the light of what's already been discussed.

Hmm. I will try to read through. Honest. More than a thousand posts is a LOT of homework. *sigh* But I do agree that right-brain/left-brain is a teeny, tiny chunk of the possible discussion.
Phew, about a third of the way through, but I definitely am enjoying reading. I think I've been a bit overthinking the dancing since my last comp a couple weeks ago. Probably because i'm bloody bored at work and so i think about dance too much, as i love it. and i wasn't totally pleased with my standings, so obv i want to be better. But it seems the biggest complaint was that I'm all power and little finesse... so maybe i need to be a little more intuitive-y.


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Right, who was it that brought this thread up again, Samina??? Many Thanks!!

This is a great thread filled with knowledge. Usually when reading a thread it progresses over many days and you read along... To read a thread in the past can sometimes be an overload... Myself I had to read a little, ponder it... "click off", then read some more.

What I love about this forumn is that the written words are no less relevent last year as they are this year. What does change however is that what you could not understand last year, all of a sudden, you can understand it this year....

So what happens is that the concepts are standing still and it is you who is moving... That is very cool!!

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