The rules of a practica

Taking a dance lesson for many is a step out of their comfort zone. Even when everyone around is super nice and supportive. We are not supposed to feel stellar at the start. Very often, it feels bad, and we suck at it. :) It is normal. Tell yourself that from the beginning, so it is out of the way. :) If you don't like it right away, just give it a little time.

Now, if your spouse does not treat you nice when you reluctantly came to a dance class at her request, it is a different topic entirely. :)


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I noticed that tango is a life magnifier.

If relationship is good it will be better, and if is a bit rotten all garbage will come at the warp speed.
Well, I don't know, it depends. I saw couples fighting and even splitting, but also ones that improved their relationship and got closer as a result of taking up partner dancing. Some even took it to the next level, got married, had kids, etc. It worked as a kinda couple therapy for them, I guess.

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