The sexiest partner dance of all time


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You're right, it's not intentional...but I do have control over where I go with my feelings. I've found that it's just best to...don't know any other way to express it...just not "go there."

Of course, the next time I see him and we start working on waltz, I will be painfully, hypersensitive to his looks, his touch, his smell, the feeling of melding with him and with the music...

And it will be all your fault, Fasc!:raisebro:
if that juicy little rationalization works, go for, and yes, we are responsible for what we do with our feelings;)
Thanks, SlowDancer! Let me know if you're ever on the east coast; age aside, I think we have similar ideas about dance and owe ourselves a turn or two on the floor.
You bet! I think we would have a lot of fun. The same goes for you, should you ever decide to make a trip to Clinton library country, let me know. My little backwater town is actually a pretty well-kept secret.
I think it comes down to what you personally find sexy. Sexy can be revealing a lot of skin (samba), wild hip motion (salsa, cha cha), or intertwining limbs (tango). For me sexy is feeling a close connection with my partner, reading each others' bodies, and moving as one. I get that in west coast swing and waltz.
That's true. Everyone has their own definition of sexy and I think that everyone sees this in what dances they like. So far, in all of my Swing training, I have yet to find it sexy. The first word that comes to my mind with Swing is fun not sexy whereas right away when I think of the Rumba, the first word that comes to mind is sexy. But this is why you have to find the right dances for you. I for one don't care for Swing, so I stopped dancing to it. I think it's fun, but I don't care for it. The dances that I enjoy are the ones that I do feel some sort of connection with it like how you say I guess. So yeah, interesting post. I like how you put it. ;)


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Which immediately brought to mind these lines from Tom Lehrer's song, Smut (written c. 1964 for That Was The Week That Was' reporting of the Supreme Court's decision about pornography):

When correctly viewed, everything is lewd.
I could tell you things about Peter Pan,
and the Wizard of Oz ... there's a dirty old man!

Remember, our largest sex organ is the brain. Almost anything can be sexy, depending on our frame of mind. And when two people (or more -- thinking of WCS four-play) are engaged in a three-way partnership (with each other and with the music) then the opportunity for a sexy dance is there. No dance is inherently sexy, but dances allow the opportunity for a sexy dance -- admittedly, some seem to be better at this than others, but don't count any of them out, not even merengue.

It really is all in your mind.

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