" The Tango Lesson "


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Not sure if I have see this one. Tango Bar, Assassination Tango, and another I can't remember at the moment, will investigate it .....


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I have heard of this. But not seen it. Actually I saw it at Barnes and Nobles for sale. In the foreign films section.

it has some amazing dance sequences.. you will be pleased you bought/ rented it.

( Story line is weak and predictable ) it also is mis leading ( no pun ) by not disclosing her dance backgound .


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I've got it, but am very ashamed to say (as a die-hard AT-er) that I haven't watched it. Upon hearing that I hadn't seen it, a friend even gave me my own copy of it...and I still haven't watched it. ...I just don't get around to setting aside time for it and going down to the basement where the TV is...


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my tango lesson story

I sawTango Lesson 1998 on tv. Never danced TA, nor any other dance before. Found that it was an artificial and unreal story with numb and technical dancing scenes.

One year later I saw the film again and, believe me, I could creep right into it. What had happend? I was infected by the TA virus in between. It felt as if a special receptor in my brain had been switched:

So much truth in the story and the relationship between the two acting persons. So much elegance and expression in the dancing ...

I saw a different film!


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The opening sequence of this film (and flashbacks throughout the film) are absolutely fabulous, but I admit I am a rather strange girl. Funny, though - I can only imagine what people are thinking as they watch... probably something along the lines of, "WTH? Is this a David Lynch film? I thought Sally Potter directed this..."

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What made the story line believeable for me was my own experience with relationships. I remember being surprised when a couple of women told me that they thought Sally Potter's character was... someone they despised, an awful person... something on that order.

Although I certainly don't dance like Veron, or Salas, except maybe the energy Veron brought to milonga, or the way they danced in the one milonga they attended when they first took Sally out to dance in public (Hey, maybe I dance like Cacho Dante sometimes? El Flete anyone?), I can certainly say that this film was got me to sample AT.
A friend of mine, and one of my favorite partners, who has danced professionally said, after watching the dancing to LieberTango that these people knew exactly what they were doing. And it turned out that all of the men certainly did and were at the leading edge of a trend in tango. I see nothing to complain about regarding Sally Potter's dancing, although others have.

There is science now that has found that when we watch people do things that we are familiar with, the same areas in our brain are active, as if we were doing them ourselves. So, there may be a reason why watching the same film "later in life" may evoke a different response.

Oh, the music was very well chosen, I think.

The dancing in the film is the same level as something you would see in "Tango Forever", the production that toured the US in the past few years. Very professional.

I'd call it a "must see" for tango afficionados.


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.. What made the story line believeable for me was my own experience with relationships ...
Exactly !

We wrote a lot about TA syllabus and basics here before. But I think, there is another TA syllabus one is going through (woman or man) which got nothing to do with steps and dancing skills. I think TA is its own evironment and one has to do this initiation routines.

May be there is a way to TA by completing dancing lessons at a dance school. But, the one Sally Potter told in the film (though shortened) is very convincing and could be mine.

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