the voices in your head

"gently now"
"Brush your thighs"
"No hesitations in American waltz"
"smelly cat fish" (send the right hand forward)
Don't be afraid of your heel, it's your friend"
No turn out! No turn out! No turn out!
"the honey moon is over babe, no more mister nice guy. I expect perfection" all from my new pro


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Today's run through went something like:

soft knees!
Wait... wait... DON'T RUSH!
Strong centre!
Heel lead!
Strong core!
Pause, and go!
What's next?
Don't look at him!
Oh right, that.
Don't rush!
Cross in front.
Rise and breathe.
and go!

Then... whew, made it. Let's do it again!!!

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