The Weather Thread


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We are about to enter a 2-3 day deep freeze if the weather guessers are correct. And I can't jet to warmer climes right now. !#%€*£¥!!!?!!!


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Yeah, this is one of the things I miss about my old job... this time of year, I could always find a reason why I needed to go to Cape Canaveral for a few days. :p


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Flights cancelling along eastern seaboard. weather channel and news reporting that people are asked to stay home in certain cities/etc etc. check before you drive/travel.


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Ha! I also live on a mountain with a sports car. It's been raining like heck here since about 9 PM last night, and it's supposed to turn to ice around noon today. I won't be staying at work very long.
I'm in Austin TX, flying home today to Minneapolis. Weather in both places looks OK, but I just checked where the plane I am getting on at the Dallas layover is coming from....Nashville. The flight still says "On Time", but the earlier flights Nashville to Dallas are all in cancelled status. Watching to see if mine will join the club. Going to be a long night I suspect.


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Is it that bad or are they just preparing?
the interstate is a parking lot...we got a note from the hotel that most of the housekeeping staff did not come in today...and we only have local tv reception...there is a lot of ice underneath over 7 inches of snow and wind....they are telling people that if they crash to just exchange numbers....there were over 100 crashes this morning in 2 hours just in nashville metro

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