The Whining thread

So here we have it, a whining thread!

Heres my whine:

So im going to a competition. They finally published the rules. I knew there was a youth division, but its a strictly (WCS), so I cant do it cause I dont have a partner.

Aparently all the other competitions are restricted to those over 18.

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
*big wide grin*


I love you guys too! :kissme: :kissme: :ladiesma: :banana: :kissme: :cheers: :friend: :friend: :bouncy: :banana: :together: :notworth: :notworth: :applause:

Now does anyone else have a whine?

You guys are too cool!

Actually, im really happy right now, since my shoes arrived. I should head over to the happy and random thoughts thread instead!


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Speaking of random whining-related stuff, I just realized that the word "whinging" is a real word, not a typo. It also means complaining, btw. Apparently, it's more commonly used in British English than in US English. 8) Someone typed it in a DF post. And. since I was seeing that same "typo" for the nth time, I decided to look it up. :)

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