The Yulia thread


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welcome to DF elitesynergy! :)

the link still works for me... perhaps it is disabled for certain locations or mobile devices???
Maybe we are not all talking about the same link. All work for me except the link in your very first post. I get a message saying that the video was removed by the user.:(
Found this and love this on youtube /watch?v=Sn_pqd3VJc0

Do you think this is 2009 or 2010?
It's 2008. The video is originally from the 2008 Colorado Star Ball. They seem to always have fantastic showcases. This year I believe it's Arunas and Katusha performing!



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Was it this dress?

I lovee love love this Cha Cha...I think it's a great showcase of their strong chemistry. And of course, you can see accidents happen again but they just go on and you can also see how they just go with the flow.
just bought this dress!!! :banana: yyayyyyy!!!!!!!:bouncy:
congratss! SO jealous. That is one of my fave dresses of hers..did you get the hair flowers/jewelry too? Where did you buy it from...if you ever sell it you know who to tell first ;) hahah enjoy it's gorgeous!
I am not trying to advertise here but my question is pertinent to the thread... I am considering selling this lovely dress... before officially putting it on the market, i just thought I would get some feedback to see if there would be any interest from anyone in purchasing it... I wouldn't want to advertise unless I thought I could sell it quickly (for financial needs)... otherwise I'd keep the dress. <3 Please respond via PM.

Mods feel free to delete this post if you think it is innapropriate.


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ummm....TD, it's borderline, but since you asked for feedback if you think there would be any interest in it and how quickly it might sell before advertising it....well, like I said borderline...


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That's awesome! I'm totally in love with Yulia. When I watch one of their videos I just get mesmerized by her legs and wonder how on Earth her body does that.

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