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Do you ever find yourself saying things that sound perfectly natural to a dancer's ear but might sound pretty funny to a non-dancer? I went to ballet last night, and today I sent my friend a chat that said, "My butt hurts today. That's a good sign, right?"

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I think I habitually say "between your feet" now.

Sometimes when we talk about lead/follow dynamics in public I worry that people will think we're part of a cult or a kink scene or something. I'm pretty far on the spectrum toward talking about physical connection vs. "the man's intention" or something like that, but not everyone is with me there.

Then again, "physical connection." :(
And they wonder why people worry about dancers dating their dance partners. Sounds like you lot have devoted a lot of thought to the smutty side of dancing conversation.
Yup! You're my kind of people! Lol

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