Things That Make Your Night On a Dance Floor

Phil Owl

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What kind of things make your night on a dance floor?

Some of mine are:

a) An energetic, enthusiastic partner that not only follows your leads, but injects their own unique personality into the mix (for example, there's this one woman I dance with whose style and moves remind me so much of a cat, I wonder if she is part cat :lol: ) She's so darn much fun!

b) A partner that gives you the most adoring smile and her eyes just glow, telling you without words how much she's enjoying you leading her in a dance

c) A partner that compliments you right and left (did Hustle with one person who would say things like "WOW, NICE LEAD!" or "GREAT PICKUP!" or "HOW'D YOU COME UP WITH THAT, I LIKED THAT!"

d) A DJ who not only has an extensice variety of tunes but takes some risks too!

e) Being able to make some breakthroughs and try out some new moves successfully. After what seems like forever, I FINALLY was able to successfully lead a two-handed continuous turn in Hustle!

What are yours?


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youngsta said:
Turning a mistake into a great looking move ( :wink: just like we planned it!)
Yes, but what gets *SO* frustrating is then not being able to figure out what you even did...let alone how you did it!
Feeling the energy coming from the dancefloor before even getting to the room.

A partner who when you are a bit tired, have had a tough day, really don't feel like dancing but want to look at others dance, makes you jump out of your skin and have one of the best dance nights out.

A big bright smile when I look across me and my partner has just made a huge mistake but there is nothing she can do to recover but to give one of those smiles that makes you laugh as well.

Not knowing that you will hear a life performance by a top salsero before you get to the club, and when you walk in, "Oh, Que Sera" is playing, Ahhhh


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My studio does a raffle drawing at every dance; the prize being an activity pass. I won it again last Friday for what must be close to the 40th time. I hold the record there. :D

I mentioned in another thread that during my Seattle trip I went to the Orion Ballroom one afternoon to say hello to the staff. They knew who I was from my emails and was given two free passes and thus didn't have to spend a dime this time. 8)

Vince A

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A dance with a woman who has that "wonderful connection" that enables us to talk throughout the entire dance, and we never have to say a word!
Last Sunday we went to a dance and I was a little tired and my back hurt. I was just about to go home, when a friend as me to dance NC2step. I told him I wasn't too sharp, but he insisted. Then he tried a new move on me, and not only did I not follow his lead, I almost hit him with my elbow. :oops: After we recovered from my embarrassment (and laughter) he tried again, but I still did not follow and did something else. He said, he didn't know what I did, but it turned out nice. Later he tried his move again, and it worked, I followed it with no problem. Was it his lead, my following (being tired) or both? I don't know, but because we both laughed about it, and had fun with it, it turned out to be a fun dance. If it were a stranger, I would have been mortified!! Thanks goodness friends don't judge you as harshly. :lol:
Being able to dance with SwingKitten. :D She puts up with my every whim, even when the leads don't follow any particular pattern or rule. She's a good sport :wink:

Phil Owl

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Another thing that makes my night (happened recently), I was just sitting down to have some water, this very beautiful woman (and fabulous dancer) runs up to me thinking I was leaving for the night, "Aren't you dancing anymore?". My reply, "Well, I do have time for a couple more, how about the next one?" We wound up doing a foxtrot and it was very fun! She then kept saying to me after, "You'll be back, won't you?". Don't think I'll have any problem there, she was pretty nice! :D


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Very nice Phil Owl! :cheers: I have a couple people who search me out and I really enjoy that. Just yesterday night a forro came on, the only one of that night, and this person comes running to me and says you remember forro. We give it a shot and have a good time.
pygmalion said:
Sometimes, for me, the fun is in the ability to make mistakes and feel safe enough to laugh it off and keep going anyway. :)
I love that! It seems to happen more often for me now that Im really getting to know the people I dance with better. And that Im much better at picking up the next step without losing timing or feel of the dance.

I also love those nights when you are just "switched on" Its almost like you couldnt put a foot wrong if you tried.

Getting praised is always a great thing too...recently I had a guy ask me during a new vogue dance if I was professional! :shock: :shock: He was pretty good too, I saw him dance earlier and thought he was way more advanced than me.
Im always getting complimented after being dipped too..that never gets tiring no matter how many times I hear it :lol:

The best nights though are the ones that you never sit down, there seems to be a line of people waiting to dance with you . Doesnt even matter that your feet are so sore you have trouble walking back to your seat, but the second you get an invitation to dance you jump up and feel no pain!


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What makes my night...

A really good dance, inspired by the music, when the connection with my partner is so good you can almost touch the flow of energy between us, and as I give him a hug after the song ends, I know he has enjoyed the dance very much, not just I.

Just one dance like that is enough to give me my fix for the night.
getting fully kissed on the cheek at the finale..
i think its not common for a salsera to do that out of the blue.. not the ones i've seen anyway.. so it probably means that u gave her a special feeling for the dance night.. i could ask for nothing more :D
Hmm...What makes my dance night....besides limey green socksies and pony tails.......? :lol: :lol:

Still thinking, will write something else later. Gotta go fix a computer. :car:

EDIT: Nothing but love for the dance in the air. No worries about technique, who's following, catching the lead. No attitudes, just the enjoyment of Salsa. Everyone dancing with their partner so much so that no one has any idea of what the other dancers are doing or even cared. :banana:
About a week ago, at a studio party, the second to last dance they played was a cha-cha. The best dancer there-- used to compete and do well, has his own books and videos, etc, decided he was just going to go on the floor and start freestyling it. Me and a few other people there joined in. That was the best dance of the night for me-- no worries about technique, patterns, styling, etc, just letting loose and having a good time and enjoying the music. After all, isn't that what dancing is supposed to be about? Anyway, that was my favorite dance. I had to laugh at myself, however, when right after that song was over a pro asked me to dance the last waltz. It was quite the transition from freestyle to waltz. :lol:

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