Things That Make Your Night On a Dance Floor

This not only made my night but probably my entire month!
During a social, I had a dance with one of my teachers, as we started chatting he apologised to me saying that he knows Im bored in his class, being polite I told him that I wasnt , to which he replied that yes I am :lol:
Then he told me I was much more advanced than everyone else in the class and that I picked things up very fast.
To hear that from a teacher, and a former top grade dancer really made me smile!
I had a lady say "I like your style!" after a Salsa the other night...I don't know why but that sure made me feel good. At least someone acknowledged that I am working on it! :wink: :D

A few people have commented on my WCS that I dance "so smoothly." Occasionally I also let them "hijack" me on WCS a bit, and the more experienced dancers get really happy with a leader actually giving them enough slack to do whatever they want.

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