Things you never want to hear again


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In honour of a few ranty moments over on the "How are your lessons" going thread, behold the "Things you never want to hear again" thread, aka, the stuff your brain knows, but your body just doesn't want to seem to learn so you are doomed to hear over and over.

Our first submission comes from @scullystwin42 with this gem:

"be softer".




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Wow, I have heard many of these repeatedly... softer, relax, you are flexible (and therefore not holding myself upright enough on top), shoulders down. I tend to think I'm uniquely botching things but it sounds like many of these challenges are normal and common.

Not yet mentioned:

"Longer steps" (any standard dance).
"You're dropping your side"
"Chin up"


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Pro: "Listen." Or the popular variation of "Just listen."

My brain generally responds with one of:
  • Riiiight. Because I'm totally paying like $1.50 a minute to dance with you just so I can deliberately ignore you and do my own thing.
  • If I understood what you were trying to lead, I WOULD HAVE DANCED IT.
  • Screw you!
My out-loud voice is generally more polite ;)
I am always open to criticism, and welcome it. I do recall a Russian lady (Olga Kormanovskaya) who would say "tummy in", and then if I failed, I would get punched in the stomach, or have shocking profanities uttered about me. But it was also kind of entertaining. :)

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