thinking of cutting my hair


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About two months ago I had the wild idea to color my hair red. Well, my hair was platium at the time. It turned a nice purple/pink color. Had to color it this brownish-red color to try to fix it. Now my hair is all messed up. Has been breaking off like crazy. It is a big mess. So, I am thinking of cutting it shorter. What do you guys think is a good short hair cut for rhythm? Not sure if I will go so short that I will have to leave it down when I compete. Just wanted some ideas on what you all would think... I have to do something...


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Liz, if it's that damaged you might as well cut it. I've seen several Latin/Rhythm dancers with short hair -- and at least two of them did it due to the same damage issues you've had.

Just do it -- get something really flattering and work it on the floor!


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I was on the verge of needing to cut mine simply due to the damage of multiple comps, coloring, backcombing, etc....but mercifully the unintended hiatus has resulted in a very nice break for the hair and skin...still, if I only did latin or rhythm...I would hack it all off in a moment


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If you can pull it off, I love the way a short pixie haircut looks on women. It can be so sexy, and elegant, and fun. Oh, and super-easy to deal with.
Just chopped mine off...kept it down for first comp this weekend and was nervous about it since I fidget with it often in practice, gets in my face, etc. Plus I have naturally curly hair, so it starts straight and eventually gets curly with any dampness. Regardless, it worked well though.

Have you ever had your hair short before? Did you like the look?

You have many options even with short hair...bangs, no bangs, blunt bob, layers...have fun with can always grow back.


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at hotlanta two years ago when my hair was considerably shorter, I let the stylist put in a fake ponytail...I felt it slip a bit and I was ruined for the rest of the style...never again


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Heh, one of funniest moments at our local closed comps was still when one of tinley parks' students had her pony tail fall out and pro caught it. Not sure if she warned him, or he just saw it happening. Best part was that he held it up by her head for rest of dance and waved that ponytail around behind her head for her. whole ballroom was craccking up. :)


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Geez, and I've been tempted to play with extensions (clip-ins) because I don't think my hair is long enough! Of course I just was informed, by Standard Pro and by another partner at the party, that it's a deadly weapon. (Rhythm Pro knows this because he's had to dodge my braid before.)

Short hair can look okay if you have the right bone structure to pull it off. Otherwise to my eye it ages you. Short platinum hair DEFINITELY ages! Unless it's like Marilyn Monroe, rather than flat, straight and short.
Funny...first reaction of many when I just lobbed off all my hair was...Oh my god, you look younger!

Good bone structure is important to carry it off, but sometimes the right cut will show off the bone structure, particularly cheekbones, that long hair was hiding.
My latest cut was sort of inspired by Carmen and also by Sienna Miller (when she had short hair). But mine is slightly longer, has natural curl that I try and tame and grows in like a weed so is already looking quite a bit longer. Might go a bit shorter next time I go...particularly bang area.

Thought it would be a good cut for dancing as short but also still has movement.


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