three great dresses!

Three ballroom dress. Two smooth and one rhythm. All have swarvoki crystals and only worn twice each. email at for pics and will sell all three for $4000 or OBO. They all have low backs. the colors are baby blue, white/red and hot pink.


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and dropping your price by HALF in just a few days doesn't exactly build a level of trust that your pricing is fair.
I don't want to sell these dresses at all, but i need the money and if i don't get responses at the first price i need to drop the price so i can sell, it has nothing to do with me not being trust worthy, i have a situation and i just need to move the dresses to make money.

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No one is going to buy them without pictures. No one is even going to email you without pictures. So don't drop your price and undercut yourself... just post pictures!

And if people can't even be bothered to take and post a decent picture then they can't expect anyone else to bother to buy it either...
No, these are not the same dresses, not by rainbow shiu, i have a dress, by rainbow shiu, but it is not for sale. I also would post pictures and i have tried, but it wont' let me, i don't know if its my internet or the pic is too big, but if somebody is really interested i will email pics of all of them through email because i cant seem to post them on here, its probably my computer, i just need to sell these quickly, so i will take all offers, has nothing to do with the dresses, but i just need the money.

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