Three Questions For Followers . . .

Vince A

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This is not a poll, just curious . . .

1. Followers, if you were dancing a WCS with good intermediate leader, and could follow him/her well, but they had some "quirks" . . . not anything to do with looks-size/age/clothes, hygiene, etc. . . just dancing attributes . . . what would those "quirks" be?

Some examples:
Not smiling
Not looking you in the eyes
Dancing to the audience
Showing off
Thumb on the top of your hand
Wrist rocking in prep for "1"
Too much arm leading

2. What are some of the "turn ons" . . . again, stick to dancing attributes.

3. Do you like more "basics" as opposed to multi-pattered-mega count-combination moves?

I'm putting a small portfolio together, and the information may go to new and novice students.

Vince A
Three Questions for Followers

Hi Vince, ok I'll bite. Here's my list.
1. If I'm having a good dance and feel a good connection with the leader, some quirks you mentioned don't bother me. The ones that do bother me are: looking bored or unhappy, looking over your head at someone else or distracted by other dancers, too many complicated moves and then looking upset when you don't follow them well. Too much man-handling, throwing you down the slot, pulling instead of leading and dancing off beat, etc. etc. (need I go on)

2. Turn ons:The most important for me I think is the considerate dancer. Also looking me in the eyes (very important!), smiling, and a really good connection. Someone who seems to be enjoying dancing with you. There are some people you really click with even if you are on different dance levels. A little flirting or sexy dancing is always fun.

3. I can't say I want more basics, but it makes dancing easier when you don't know the person's level of dance. Sometimes I like the challenge of different or fun moves as long as you don't overdo it. I lke someone who will let me have some time to do a little footwork.

Vince A

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Thanks for the response.
There are some people you really click with even if you are on different dance levels. A little flirting or sexy dancing is always fun.
The "click" is something I've been after for a while. I have noticed this, know it happens, and I'm trying to figure out what causes it. I know it could be styling, it could be where that person is from, it could be a lot of things. I think a lot of it is attitude.

I dance with one person a bunch, and I have loads of fun, yet there is one person that I dance with maybe once or twice a month and at specific events. Both of these individuals live within 20 miles of one another, have had lessons from the same Pros, go to the same events, etc. I "click" with both of them, but could win the US Open with one of them because we dance like we are controlled by one mind. ?????????????

The "flirting" or "sexy dancing" - I've been hearing this more and more lately, and of course, with a real slow sexy song, nothing could be more fun. And you know, that one that you just had "sex with on the dance floor" . . . is one of those ones that you just seem to "click" with.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .
Hello Vince , Amber D. here
1. I agree that if yuo have a good connection and ar having fun with a person and you can tell that they are enjoying themselves as well, then "quirks" do not matter. I don't like it when I am thrown and it feels like my arms are going to be pulled out of the socket. When my partner is bored or not into it or looks at their feet all the time then it bothers me as well.
2.Turn ons: Confidence is a big turn on -If the person I am dancing with only knows the basics ,that is fine as long as they look liek they are having fun otherwise they don't have fun and they don't either.When you have a godo connection with a person that is great and if they do a move that I don't know I can ususally follow I myself don't mind becasue I am learnign somethign new. I ususally get excited when that happens and say "oh can we do that again, that's new to me" and there is usually no problem there. Eye contact is a plus b/c it ensures a connection (hehe- I am all about connection).
3. oN THE SUBJECT OF BASICS, I don't want more basics either, From the leaders p.o.v., It is easier to start out with the basics and if you know more progress from there with the follower to see how much they know if yuo don't want to ask them. that's all I have to say about that thanks.-

Amber D.

Vince A

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Hi Amber,
Thanks for the response . . .

I have been pre-occupied with personal issues for a while there. Now that they are resolved, I hope to get into this forum more actively!

Your points are well-taken, especially the . . . "oh can we do that again, it's new to me . . ." thing.

I've heard that before, but a lot of followers are learning more aggressive answers, such as . . . "oops, guess I missed that class . . ." answer, especially on longer-counted, but relatively simple patterns. Which, of course, I wouldn't have done if I hadn't felt that they could do them!

All the responses are are being noted, and hopefully explained, or at least brought out, to present and future students!

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