Through the posts...

Quick thought, one question, and a few notes...

Thought: I am FINALLY through the posts. Life has been crazy this past week so I haven't had a chance to log on. I started about three hours ago and JUST finished reading all the messages. Whew...I'm tired.

Question: When I logged in before, my pages would go to this really pretty blue color scheme. Now they stay the same khaki color and the main log in page. What happened?

Notes: I really like the new Dance Forums logo and I posted two pics in the album.
Also, I thought there used to be a little box at the bottom of each screen to tell who was on line????? Is it gone or did I just go blind...that latter could very well be the case...if so, please point me in the right direction. THANKS!


Staff member
Welcome back dd...the different color formats/layouts might have been one complicating factor involved in last week's problems. My understanding is that the "desert storm" motif will be in place until any glitches with the other formats (including the one you were using, "cobalt") can be ruled out.

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