Tips for Beginners!

I tried to find a thread that listed all the tips, but couldn't seen to locate one.

If you guys have any tips/advice please post them here! Try to explain
1. WHAT the tip is: Straighten Your Posture with a solid frame.
2. WHY we would use this. To create "connection" with your partner. Without proper frame and posture it is very hard to lead and/or follow as the communication between the partners is not as strong.
3. HOW to use it. Stand up straight. Feet under body. Try to stretch your neck upwards above your spine. Roll shoulders back.
4. Video (if possible)
I'm new to West Coast Swing and I'm sure a lot of others are as well, be nice to compile a list on one thread. Feel free to elaborate and make what I've said clearer as I only have a simple understanding of the dance.


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Thanks for the reply Ralf!

I checked out the 3 threads (literally read every post)
For other beginners, the 3 links posted above are based on etiquette and motivation to get you onto the social dance floor.


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Sure, it's a good idea, but it's a little bit like "write an essay on all the colors." It's A. a lot of work and B. where do I begin? I have hundreds of tips. Feel free to search through every thread and compile them, though. And then organize them by dance so they're most useful...

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