To bleach or not to bleach?


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So last night my coaches and I were discussing my to-do list before my comp next week. (Things like get my fake nails redone, go spray tanning etc). And my hair colour came up. Naturally I think I'm a medium brown (I've been dying my hair for the last 4 years so not 100% sure). But for comps, I normally dye it a really dark brown, almost black. On the dance floor it looks great. However, last night my coaches were trying to convince me that instead I really should considered bleaching my hair a light blond. You know the one I'm talking about. The almost white competition blond. And I completely agree. With my colouring, my partner's colouring and my costumes, the blond would look amazing...on the dance floor. But what about OFF the floor?

So my question for you is for those of you who do dye their hair to be more competitive on the dance floor, do you feel odd off the competition floor? Is it worth it?


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So my question for you is for those of you who do dye their hair to be more competitive on the dance floor, do you feel odd off the competition floor? Is it worth it?
I would say "yes", sometimes I do feel a bit odd when I dye my hair (red) because it's definitely a very vivid color and since I only do it *that* vividly around comp time, I always get comments (got a comp coming up??). For me, I think it is worth it. It's not totally unnatural looking on me, and red fades pretty quickly. Can't speak to platinum blonde...seems to me the growing-out would be the tricky part (not to mention the chemicals are probably bit harsher).


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definitely miss roadrunner.

That being said, not sure what I think of this. Around here, the blonde would definitely stand out from most of the competitors, so that's a positive. But personally, still prefer brunette. That has nothing to do with the dancing and is just my personal opinion though.


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I do dye my hair platinum.Yes, works great for comps. Yes, I get some crazy looks at home. But, I live in Mississippi. I really stand out. HEHE. I have to do touch up very often. Yes, it is horrible on my hair, I had to cut it all off short about 6 months ago because if was so damaged...
But,after trying red for a couple of months I went right back to the blonde... I really like my hair this way and I get alot of great comments on it.


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I am naturally blond, but dyed it even lighter when I used to compete. My hair grows fast, so the roots really bothered me. With darker hair, I can imagine the roots would be even worse. You will have to dye it often. It is a big commitment. Think about it carefully before you make this step.


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Off the comp floor you'll have to prepare to spend $$ on probably biweekly retouches because of how dark your hair is. You'll probably have to deal with badly damaged hair because to bleach your medium brown hair that shade you'll have to undergo several pretty damaging bleaching sessions. Finally, if that's you in your avatar, you appear pretty pale so you would not only have to tan a lot for comps but you may also have to tan off the floor because someone with your complexion may end up looking pretty washed out without some kind of tan on your skin.

It's very hard to pull off platinum blond hair. If you see none of those as obstacles, then you have your answer:)


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It's interesting how many little things need to be taken into consideration before a competition. Us women are made to go through so much torture for beauty sometimes :) Sometimes you need the extra little edge to make yourself stand out. I'm not a competitor myself (I'm a social dancer) but I love watching ballroom dance competitions. I'm going to the California Open on Feb. 14 and am super excited to see all of the competitors. I have a random question for the competitors. Do the fake nails get in the way of your dancing?


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Well, one time I had these pre-colored glue on nails (Revlon) and they started flinging off during my dancing. I kept some on a side table and reapplied new ones before I had to go out again. I usually have/keep very long nails naturally...just to save on that particular expense. But you are right...the amount of prep that goes into making us look *that* way is beyond ridiculous (at least IMO).
I went platnum for a show last June. I naturally have mid/light brown hair so the roots growing in actually looked really fun--for a while. Then it started to look ridiculous so I started trying to dye the rest of my hair back to a normal brown kind of color. The problem is that I cannot get any dye to take OVER my poor damaged hair. I use the right shampoo, cool to cold water, etc. The minute I am in the sun for more than 10 minutes, it strips the color right out. I am literally stuck waiting for it to grow out.

Would I do it again to get the look? Absolutely. Would I plan better so that I had no major personal or professional events for months after the competition or show? Yeah.
My hair is medium brown too. At my coach's recommendation, I have started dyeing it darker--basically black--for comps. That's less drastic than platinum blond, but I think it is also more "competitive" than brown. It might be a good middle road if you aren't sure about bleaching but want to try a more dramatic look than what you have currently.

I use a demi-permanent dye--Natural Instincts by Clairol--and it fades out quite naturally within a couple months. I don't have to touch it up except before competitions. ...Although, IMPORTANT tip if you are thinking of doing this: don't use "black" dye colors if you expect it to ever fade out!! There is no such thing as non-permanent black dye. Use dark brown and leave it in for a little longer than recommended (like 15-20 minutes) and it will probably get almost as dark, but it will actually fade after several washings.
I have dark brown hair. When I compete, I just ask the hair person to add more shiny spray, that makes it look more vibrant. Eventually I will have to color, though, to cover up grey. I've been noticing more of it lately. I am postponing coloring for as long as I can because it will be a PITA to maintain, not to mention more expensive.


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What TK said about black dye and then some. I used the Ferria, and later the Nice 'n Easy, black dyes. It's STILL growing out (my hair is naturally dark brown so it's not too bad, but yeesh. That was LAST YEAR.) And the hairdresser at my friend's wedding agreed, if I wanted to color it now anything other than black or VERY dark brown, I would have to have the black color chemically stripped. Otherwise I have to wait for it to grow out.

Black also, I've found, tends to look very faded and matte well before other dye colors.


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When I was younger I had dark brown hair and as I got older the other dreaded colour crept in....I am now blonde as it is easier to keep the re growth under control.

On the wig front I often wonder if it is hot on your head, but I love people who obviously get their colour stripped and then have bright red, would love to do that but not game. it looks great on Young ones :)
Have not competed yet. Naturally a darker blonde here. But recently went to a dark auburn. I mean DARK. with these like reddish highlights. When I tan it looks great (or so everyone has told me.)

Because I am naturally light skinned and light eyes, my natural color was washing me out completely. So ... finally bit the bullet and went dark. I actually like it alot.

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