Today I am wearing... club


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Ooh. Fancy!

Black and white swishy dress. Bodice = black, white and gray. Empire waist. Skirt = plain black knit jersey.

Makes me feel all girly.

Today: pink bunny onesie for most of the day, then underwear and a sports bra for exercising, and now yoga pants and a pink t-shirt. Obviously a work-from-home day.


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today: leopard-print, knit-jersey, mock-wrap dress. One of the benefits of being old is that you get to wear animal prints. I never could have pulled off wearing this dress twenty years ago. Probably wouldn't have wanted to. But hey. As it is, I'm wearing a sexy, sassy and comfortable in my own skin kinda dress. Loving it.

Tomorrow: no idea yet, except I know it has to be red. Tomorrow is American Heart Association wear red day.
I went out running earlier and gave someone quite a surprise when I came downstairs in black leggings, a black long-sleeved undershirt, a bright orange soccer shirt and a blue woolly hat. Needs must.

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