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While doing some web searching, I found a website which promotes dance sites through a "Top 50" list. You can add your own dance website and then encourage people to vote for your site to make it one of the top fifty. It's an excellent way to gain traffic to your site.

If you have had an opportunity to check out my site, please click on the link below, scroll down to site Dancer's Dream Land (currently #60), and select "rate this site" from the far left.

If you haven't checked out my site yet, then whatsamattau...go to RIGHT NOW and then vote! :D :wink:

Thanks for your help!


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DDL (Since I was so severely castigatized for DDD :( :) ) a great website as always, and I love the fact that you have an updates section so I can check what's new and that you do update your site. :D Don't have much time now at work, but I did notice that when you click through the styles section, and choose an option, such as tap, you cannot then choose another option. To go to modern, for instance, you need to go back to the styles page, and then click modern.
Delighted to hear you enjoy the site. I really enjoyed putting it together and now have so many things I want to finish and add to the site. It's become a majorly time consuming hobby, but it relates to dance, and that's a major plus.

At the top of each of the Style's pages, there is a table. Simply select the style you wish to see next and it should take you to that page. Only style names with underlined text are currently available.

After doing a quick check on the site, I seem to be having some problems with the table links. They work from the ballet style page, but are not responding from the other pages. I'll get it updated.

Thanks for the info and please let me know if you run into other gliches with the site or if you have idea for other additions.

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