Tri-State area Smooth & Latin Coaches for pre-champ level amateurs

Hi all,

After having recently moved to the east coast, and picking up dancing again, we are looking for coaches! We would like someone that would be good for pre-champ level Smooth, and novice-level Latin hobbyists in the Tri-State area. We'd like to pay less than $150 an hour, if at all possible. Who are your favorites, and where can I find them?

Also, sorry if there's another post out there that's similar to this - if so, please feel free to re-direct me!


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There are a lot. PM me if you're interested in the Latin coaches.

Brooklyn Dancesport is a great place to start, or Stepping Out. Many independents teach at Stepping Out, as well as other studios in the entire area (NY/NJ/CT).

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