Tufts '06 Competition

I just noticed that there wasn't any thread about this competition yet....


Sunday, Dec. 10

It looks like Online registration is already closed.

Who here is going? watching or dancing?

Also, just out of curiousity, does anyone know why gold smooth is split into 2 separate events, but gold rhythm is not? It just seems a bit odd....


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I'll be there, but not sure when. I'm entered for all Silver events + Gold VWaltz, but my partner is giving me a very hard time about doing them all. I have serious doubts that I'll be able to convince him to drag his lazy butt out of bed for Smooth at 8 am :(. As if he has to deal with the hair/makeup/costumage we ladies do.... :mad:


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Back from Tufts, very different experience from the competing side of the head table...

I thought Tufts did a good job with the event; it was slightly smaller in the lower levels that many of the recent competitions (60ish, instead of 100+ couples) which I think helped things run more smoothly. My only real complaint was that the sound system setup, while good for on the floor, was almost impossible to hear at the tables along on short wall, in the on-deck area, and in the bleacher seating behind the head table -- making it very hard to hear the announcements throughout the day.

They did a good job with the callback projector, in spite of having to fat-finger in the numbers; though they could have had the slides changing slightly more frequently, it took forever to cycle through the events.
Did they run on schedule according to the one posted here: http://www.tufts.edu/as/stu-org/ballroom/comp.html ? Was there time for the possible fun dance and were the sizes of the cuts reasonable? I'm just trying to figure out if we can get our competition to fit within our gym's time restrictions.
They did run on schedule and they were able to run the fun dance. (they may have even ended a few mins early) I'm not sure how big the cuts were, as I was dancing gold and most of those events were already finals, and I wasn't paying enough attention to the cuts in the other levels to know.


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Thanks, that's encouraging news! If someone knows anything about the cuts (even just lack of complaints) that'd be great.


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My impression was that all the cuts were reasonable, but the first round was also almost half the size of Brown/Yale (both in terms of registrations and actual couples showing up) so they had more slack, probably due to the end of semester/finals conflicts more than anything else.

The floor might have been slightly overcrowded in the early rounds, but I didn't detect any other common yet annoying time saving techniques (such as starting the music early or cutting the music after only 75 secs)

If the newcomer/bronze had been a round larger as typical of most of this season's competitions they would have been squeezed just like all the other events.

If you want help estimating a schedule for your event, please PM/email me.


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I've received the raw marks from this event and they've been posted at ballroomregistrar. Various people are attempting various clean-ups to make them more readable.

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