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While I am quite satisfied with my flat-screen TV's built-in speakers, my friend is herself an audiophile who has complained in the past and currently just tolerates the situation. I'm a family man, so a sound system is a toy, something that a family man could not waste valuable financial resources on, besides which with a family a sound system could never be employed nor enjoyed.

Now having been reduced to single status yet still viewing such extravagances as toys, I have learned that one option available is a soundbar, which combines the speakers and supporting electronics in a unit a couple/few feet long and maybe 6 inches across.

Does anybody here have experience with soundbars? How good are your experiences? Any to warn against or to recommend?


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No, toys don't make much sense to me. Plus I have space limitations and common-wall neighbors to think of. And, as I said, I have no problem with the TV's speakers, but rather this is for my friend.

All factors considered, a soundbar seems to make the most sense. But since I know so little about them (I just learned of their existence last week and "7.1 system" is meaningless to me as are most of the other buzzwords on the labels), I wanted to see if anyone could offer some information, suggestions, recommendations, or warnings. Also, as I just now realized, I'm also trying to avoid what I had to suffer through so many times in my 28-years of marriage where I would take the initiative to get or do something nice and then have to put up with her near-constant complaining about what I had gotten; some lessons are learned very well.


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Already been through that lose-lose game for 28 years. No thank you.

If nobody here knows about soundbars, then that's that.

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Well I just got my Husband a Klipsch SB3. He also wasn't interested in full surround sound. Just a little enhancement for our den off the kitchen. So far it sounds great. And it can go loud... I mean LOUD. We keep the volume at about 10 out of 100 for movies, and even less than that for daytime watching.


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my husband just bought an RCA soundbar. I can't tell the difference, but he has hearing loss and says the soundbar really helps him.


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I have to admit that when I first read this thread I was confused for a moment... "soundbar" was the name for a form of interference that used to occur on the old analog sets.


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I have to admit that when I first read this thread I was confused for a moment... "soundbar" was the name for a form of interference that used to occur on the old analog sets.
I was picturing a place you could go to enjoy a variety of sounds.

"I'll have a double low rumble with a 'whoosh' chaser. And give the lady over there a rapid series of clicks with my compliments."


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I heard someone talk about getting a Sonos soundbar in hopes of going to 5.1 with minimal wires/connecting equipment between TV and speakers. However, it seems most TVs don't provide all audio channels on their output ports. Therefore this fellow needed a separate receiver after all. I never looked into this personally; but if I ever did I would sure I could really get the purported win from combined "speakers and supporting electronics".

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