has anyone ever heard of a style called tweaking? it happens at all types of concerts (i.e. emo, punk, metal, ska) and consist of the participants basically tweaking. they spaz out and end up just moving their entire bodies in jerking motions. the really good tweakers can headbang while beating their bodies to no return.

I've been told that it resembles Jon Davis' movements (from the band Korn), but i don't listen to/watch Korn, so i've never seen Jon Davis move. i've tried it, and as a matter of fact started it at some local shows. it basically consist of:
1. the band starts playing and you start bouncing on the balls of your feet to either the bass or the drums
2. groups start to form for people dancing to the bass, the lead guitar, drums (which kinda merges with bass), and sometimes vocals, though it's rare to be able to dance to vocals.
3. all the tweakers do their thing in their group, and kind of merge together during a chorus, or an awesome solo and hold a mosh/tweak pit.
4. after solos/choruses the tweakers all go back to their groups and repeat the cycle.

it's really odd, but really fun. most of the kids look like someone has a bunch of strings hooked to them and they're just shaking their bodies in random movements. both guys and girls do this, though i've seen more guys than girls. anyone else seen it? i'm looking for clips of it online, or a description, but no one else has seen it/heard of it.
Must not have hit Atlanta yet unless I haven't noticed it. They sure do mosh here. Atlanta has moshed for ME before, as a matter of fact :lol:

At the latest Slayer show I went to, there were about 5 million guys and 3 girls. Just kidding about 5 million of course. The place was packed, and I only saw maybe 4 females the whole time. Dave Lombardo was on drums that night!


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Welcome Julia's_Phate.

This sounds way familiar. I think I've seen video clips, maybe even on this board, in the past, under a different name than tweaking. I'm getting old, so it make take a while for the memories to come back. :? :lol: Maybe someone else here can help. In the meantime, welcome. :D
well thanks for the welcome. and i live on the east coast (western PA to be exact) and in a really small town (-5000 ppl) so i was amazed to see it there. i've seen it in larger places around here, but didn't know that it had reached small towns. Someone help my poor boggled mind!
i'm still here, and attending shows around my town and seeing even more examples! we get bands from Michigan (in a small PA town!) and i've seen ppl from all kinds of citys doing this. come on ppl. go downtown to the next show of local bands and look. it can't just be our water!

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