Two Links for finding partners, venues, and teachers


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I just received an email listing these two sites:

There are two links that I wanted to point out. One is . It is a site to help you find a dance partner. It allows you to search by location, type of dance, height, etc. You can list yourself for free. The other is . It allows those who travel to find dance places and teachers across the U.S and Canada.


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I like three of the sites mentioned. is a commercial site; you pay to reply to ads. But posting your profile is free. I've actually been approached by a few potential partners through that site without paying a penny. Not bad. 8) is the bomb!! I've used that site to find dancespots and teachers all over. The only problem I have with it is that not everybody posts a listing there. The last time I checked for ballroom instructors in my area, there were three listings, of the many, many instructors and studios here. I wish dancespots would do a promotional campaign to get more listings. Their search functions are great!!

But yes, I also like

(And yes, I will definitely check the USABDA site you mentioned, Chris.)

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