two rhythm and one smooth dress for sale


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#27 of you is on meds?
No, but it probably couldn't hurt. :D

I concur. Rather confusing, too. But fun all the same. :D
Yeah it's a lot of fun. :D

Liz I am in love with both of your Latin gowns but I think both are too similar to ones I already own. :( I really like that black one but it is a close call, as I have a red one with different styling but it is covered in the fire opal stones. I'll ask my partner what he thinks but my guess is, he'll throttle me if I start another sentence with, "So, I saw this dress..."
blue ballroom dress

Is your blue smooth dress still for sale?

Thank you.

3. Blue two piece smooth. The bra is completely stoned. Includes two arm bands. Asking $1000.

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