UConn Ballroom Dance Competition: Husky Classic 2009

Thanks again and123, we're revising the rules on the website now. Its likely that pre-champ and champ events will be collapsed to a single event as usually the registration is not to different or both events are very small.

However Dance-Forums, it looks like the registration is growing by leaps and bounds! If your holding out because "The events are small" or "no one goes, so why should I go anyway?", well then sir or madam let me tell you something. Its looking likely with a small boost we'll have
(*) at least a semifinal in all syllabus events and
(*) a full final for the open events,

and that's without most of our regular teams! Some teams have expressed an intention to send students (Brown, Yale and Simsbury High for example) which will boost the numbers and I'm hoping any members of those other teams which are on the fence will be swayed by the rising registration numbers.

Again we have an outstanding showcase by Mazan and Lisa and a large, spacious, not to mention prestigious venue. Let's kick the comp season off with big events and fill that floor!

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