UK 50's Rock 'n' Roll Scene

Simon Napier-Bell has written an interesting article on growing up as the Rock'n'Roll - Jitterbug-Jive wave swept across the UK, in today's "Observer".

The first teenage dream, Simon Napier-Bell, May 23 2004

<<At the beginning of the Fifties there was no rock'n'roll, the word teenager didn't exist and British pop music was trash. In 1952 I was 13; listening to the Top 20 meant staying awake late and putting the radio under my bedclothes. ...>>

Simon's book "Black Vinyl, White Powder" that covers the British pop scene from the 1950's till recently is one of the most readable and entertaining accounts of its kind. Although the above mentioned article doesn't specifically discuss the dancing, it puts it into the context of the local youth who did dance and the venues where they went.

Terry Monaghan

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