Upcoming Salsa Events 2003

Upcoming Salsa Events 2003

February 13-16: 2nd Annual Chicago World Salsa

March 27-30: Salsa Congress in Regensburg Germany

April 3-6: Int'l Hustle & Salsa Competitions in Miami, Florida

May 1-4: Detroit World Salsa Congress

May 9-11: Irish Salsa Congress - Dublin, Ireland

May 9 - 11: Stuttgart, Germany Salsa Congress

May 22-25: LA World Salsa Congress, Los Angles, CA

May 28-June 1: 3rd Pers Salsa Festival in Norway

June 6-9: Paris Salsa Congress

June 6-8: Congreso Mundial De La Salsa En España (Valencia)

June 27-29: 6th European Salsa Dance Festival in Holland

July 3-6: 2nd Annual Cannes Salsa Festival in Cannes , France

July 25 - August 3: Congreso Mundial de la Salsa, San Juan, PR

August 29 - September 1: New York City Salsa Congress

September 2-8: NY Salsa Festival Week (week of parties and concerts)


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