Upgrade (and Downtime)

Hopefully, you all knew this was coming. Of course, I didn't anticipate nearly 10 hours of downtime. Fortunately, everything's OK now, and we now have a much more powerful engine driving the Dance Forums and several upgrades around the corner.

To get an idea what was happening, here is a copy of the page I had up during the transition:

Dance Forums

The Dance Forums is upgrading to a new improved server.
Thanks for your patience (at least I hope you are patient. :)
Despite the problems, WestHost is a great company and I know
they are working hard to complete the work. Things will be even
better than before one we are back up and running.

Update 5:05 pm EST
Spoke with Tom at WestHost. I think he's about to hook us up.
He plans to call me during the next hour.

Update 4:45 pm EST
I'm on hold again. If the host doesn't restore the database in the next couple
of hours. I'm going to restore the last backup I made around 9 pm last night.
I've been hesitant to do that because I lose posts made after the backup and the
last time I did it, it took me several hours. One way or another, we should
be back in business tonight. I'll start when I get off work.
If anyone wants to talk, you can post messages here.
No registration is required.

Update 3:08 pm EST
Because the host is doing this major upgrade, they've been flooded with
calls. I waited on hold for about 20 minutes and finally got through.
They said they would look into it. Hopefully, we'll be back anytime now.

Update 2:54 pm EST
Sorry, folks. Although the site itself is fine, I'm still waiting
for the database migration to take place at the host.

12:00 PM EST
I was on hold for a while but couldn't get through.

8:30 am EST
First noticed there was a problem. Apparently it started at 6:24 am.
I immediately called and reported it.

One cool thing once the transfer is complete is I'll be able to run the site
in duplicate. One goes down...no problem...direct traffic to the other one.
Another page that works right now is our always exciting
forum guidelines

When the last 6 topics appear below, we're back in business:

would be above this

What's going on right now is the host of Dance Forums,
www.westhost.com, is upgrading their system.
As a result, Dance Forums is going to be able to offer
many new exciting features. One new feature will
be a Photo Album where members can submit pictures.
That should be available in a few days.
Yea, I didn't but the page up until the afternoon sometime. Before that I think it just said database error. I do apologize and don't expect any more downtime for a long time.

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