~~Upgrading Dance Forums to New Software~~

This weekend (most likely) Dance Forums is going to be transformed in a pretty big way. We are going to be moving away from phpBB (www.phpbb.com) and instead using vBulletin (www.vbulletin.com). Let me explain why:

The development of phpBB software has stagnated over the last couple of years. They were promising an upgrade of their software in 2003, and it is almost 3 years later, and still no upgrade. Meanwhile, vBulletin has been in constant development, and is an amazing peice of software. Here are a few great things about it:
- faster and uses fewer resources
- Better search features
- easier interface for users, mods and admins
- uses latest coding practices such as AJAX which *******es threads without reloading the page when you make a post
more: http://www.vbulletin.com/features.php

I want to encourage you to test out the software here:
{old url no longer in use and removed}
A couple of things:
1) What you see is not "everthing". This is mainly just so you can make a test post, or ask questions. The overall structure after the upgrade will be VERY similar to what you see now.
2) After the upgrade your login information will be the same as it is now, and your password is still safe (even I don't know it).
3) The only forseen problem is that you might have to reset your cookie by deleting the cookie you have now, but so far tests show this may not be necessary.
4) You will need to register if you want to be able to post in the testing area.

I hope this will be a smooth transition, and that I will get your full support as I try to provide something that will be superior to what we have now. We've done lots of testing, and I believe things will go pretty smooth.

Iv've spent a lot of time and money getting this ready for you. I want to direct you to the top of the screen. There are links for "Silent Auction" and "donating". You can help us to have some funds available so that it is possible to get help from programmers, maintain the server, and continue improving the Dance Forums.

Thanks for your support.


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it was on time to do it. there are some more reasons to change - like there are some serious bugs in phpBB - (security wise)....

Thx for changing it, and taking all the work doing it!!! - (i know it's heck a lot of work)
Thanks for the good feedback so far. I'm hoping for a Sunday upgrade.
The main remaining issue is the photo album, which I think can be resolved by then. Also, I know everyone likes having the most recent topics at the top. I'm trying to get that to work too.
I hope people will be supportive as we make this move, even if we encounter a few bugs.


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Sunday is a good day to do it. Lots of family stuff going on then, football games, church, yardwork, shopping, chores to catch up on, etc.

Hope all goes smoothly, but we can be patient if there is a wrinkle or two. ;)
hey! I signed up just in time :wink: I don't like the colors though ... I have some experience in graphic development, and if you want I could come up with a few site logo's for you to look at.
Hey, the colors are going to be just like now.
We'll be trying to make the experience as similar as possible.
I'm planning to do it sometime this evening, probably sometime between 6 pm and midnight EST.

If we're lucky, it will not be down more than 1 hour. During that time, I'll probably do a redirect to www.salsaforums.com or something.
Will all of the login information be carried over? I would hate to see pygmalian have to post a lot of messages to get her count back up :)

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