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SDsalsaguy said:
P.S. I find that, in order of frequency, I'm ending up using: 1) the Quick Reply box; 2) the Go Advanced option out of the QR box; and 3) the Quote button out of a post.

What would all of that translate into for your purposes Alias?
As there is already some hierarchy on this forum let's take an analogy (to give an idea):
Imagine this thread "Upgrading Dance Forums to New Software" as a forum (like the "General Dance Discussion" forum) with a notice (the first post of this thread ("This weekend ...")) and each post of this thread as a thread of this forum.

Then the "Quick Reply" box or the "Go Advanced" option would be analog of creating a new thread, and the "Quote" a post would be analog of posting in the thread corresponding to this post.
Your post (the one quoted above) is like creating a new thread on the same topic I've launched in a previous thread, this is not so harmful as everybody would be supposed to read all the threads in this forum.

What I would like to avoid is (with this analogy) someone posting in the wrong thread.
The problem is the vBulletin 3.5.0's "Post Reply" button, let's explain it with the analogy, the "Post Reply" button would be analog to the "New Thread" button at top and bottom, but instead of creating a new thread this top (resp bottom) "New Thread" button would post in the first (resp last) thread of the page!

Note that with this analogy, the "Linear Mode" is like viewing all the posts (in all the threads) in chronological order, and the "Hybrid Mode" or "Threaded Mode" is like reading a thread one after another.

Of course this analogy takes only one or two levels in account, the hierarchy can have multi levels.

Not so easy to explain, it's easier to see by yourself shifting to "Hybrid Mode" or "Threaded Mode", it's easy to come back to the "Linear Mode".
diputsnyc said:
I prefer linear mode for this site.

The problem with DF is that there are potentially 50 replies in a thread if I do not read the thread every hour. In threaded mode, the replies get placed after the message that they are refering to. So to find the 50 new posts, I have to reread every post in the thread to find the new ones. In linear mode, I just have to read the last 50 messages.
In Hybrid or Threaded mode, look at the hierarchical tree at the top, the icons in front of the first line of the new posts are orange instead of blue (maybe cookies have to be allowed for "www.dance-forums.com"), so you don't have to read any post to know which one are new.
Or you have the choice to switch to "Linear Mode".
lynn said:
and i'm still trying to figure out what "linear" means in techno-jargon:oops: ..... the forum looks pretty much the same to me - but then i've tried playing around with the setting for quite a while now....
You didn't read [post=217920]my post[/post] (or is it incomprehensible?):

Alias said:
Under the previous software the idea was that a thread was a chronological sequence of posts (like a discussion that you follow from the beginning to the end reading all the posts) and you could make reference to things people said before by quoting (part of) their post, and you'd better stay on topic.

Now each thread has a hierarchical structure ...
One can see it by choosing the "Hybrid Mode" or "Threaded Mode" in the "Display Modes" submenu instead of the "Linear Mode", give it a try.
Of course staying in "Linear Mode" gives the chronological sequence of posts look ...
lynn said:
O.K., i have one more question - how does the site know which page to turn to for a multi-page thread??
The default value seems to be 10 posts per page, you can change that to (5, 10, 20, 30, 40) in the "Number of Posts to Show Per Page" of the "Thread Display Options" of the "Edit Options" of the "User CP".
In my post just above this one I was in threaded mode viewing SDsalsaguy's post:

SDsalsaguy said:
tacad said:
I'm fighting for linear! No threading for me. :wink:
Same here!
and hit post reply. So I meant to be laughing at his post, but in linear mode it looks as though I'm laughing at your post, Alias. Am I missing some indication of this in linear mode?

Anyway, it seems to me that the threaded viewers need to be just as concerned about the linear viewers as you are asking the linear viewers to be about the threaded viewers. For example, instead of just hitting the post reply button when viewing SDsalsaguy's post I really should have hit the quote button so that the linear viewers would have the correct context.
SDsalsaguy said:
Same here!

Now it's obvious to linear viewers which post I am actually responding to. So it seems that threaded viewers need to quote everything to preserve context for linear viewers.

This is going to get messy on both modes. :?
OK, it seems that i still have the same problem: threads defaulting to the wrong page (ie, if a thead has 5 pages and i've read every single posting, it still goes to page 4 whenever i lick on "last page") - it's not a bug obviously but i'm wondering if i'm the only person experiencing this?
i'm logged on all the time so i don't quite understand why sometimes the computer seems to be able to keep track of which page i've gone through - not to mention the problem seems to be thread specific :shock:!! There's one particular thread the computer just refuses to go to the last page!
What page are you on when you click "last page"? To be honest I've never clicked a last page button but I'll start. Which thread doesn't work?
the main page of each forum: ie, when you're under "General Dance Disucssion", you see each threads, then, if the thread is longer than 3 pages, you have a choice of clicking on 1,2,3 or last page.


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DanceMentor had though that the default on the new software was, when clicking on a thread, to take you to the last page with a new post. Didn't seem to be working that way for me, but I didn't have the time to do trials and really figure out what was going on...


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tacad said:
Do you mean the first page with a new post? I mean the last page with a new post is the last page, right?
Yeah that other one... the first page with a new post (alternatively termed the page with the last post that you had previously viewed).
Gotcha. I just did a few trials of both kinds. It doesn't seem to work for me that way either. Ok. I must stop stalling and get out of here or that LA traffic will make me very late to my dance.

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