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Oy! Another glitch? Ack! Got your PM, but can't seem to access the panel I need to to enact a fix myself, so problem forwarded to the rightful holder of your current rank... ;)


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DancingMommy said:
Anyhoo, got some much needed repairs done.... And if anyone wants to donate a new front loading clothes washer, I wouldn't look at it the wrong way..... Why do my appliances *all* have to break when we have no extra dinero? I've replaced every freaking appliance in my house in the last 5 years and now my washer and dryer are down (for over a month now). Sending my laundry out is nice, but after a while, it doesn't feel that much like a luxury anymore, lol. ;)

There's a discount appliance place with a nice selection on the south side of town. Probably about a 55 minute drive for you, but it might be worth it. I got some great deals there. If you want, I can dig up the info and PM you. :cool:


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I just posted a reply, and it didn't post. I'll go over to the whining thread in a minute lol.

The latest active threads is actually the posts since your last login. It won't change unless you log out and back in. If you want to see what used to be active topics, click on quick links and select Today's Posts from the pulldown menu.

(Ha! The second time I posted, I said it in half as many words. :lol: )


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I knew there was a reason why I needed all those extra words.

If you're not logged in, "Today's Posts" is a direct link on the banner at the top of the page.
hmm, that's interesting - i actually prefer the old "active list" - oh, well, guess it's just one of those things i'll need to get used to!
oh, the reason why i prefer the active list on top of DF to refresh automatically is b/c i don't log out and it's easy to see which thread has been updated without going under the quick links - o.k., there, i've said it, i'm too lazy to click one extra button....:oops:
Click on today's posts. Apparently when you do this the list of topics does refresh without logging out. But I also liked the automatic refreshing when going to a new page.


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dTas said:
i'm with you Lynn... i used the active list as well.

Pygmalion: where is it under quick links?

I used it religiously, which is why I went looking for it or a reasonable facsimile first thing. :lol:

If you're logged in, there is a banner near the top of your DF index page that has a slightly darker tan band on the bottom. Inside that band are several links, starting from "User CP" on the left to "Log Out" on the right. The second link from the right is "Quick Links." Click on "Quick Links" one time and a pulldown menu will appear. The first selection at the top of the menu is Today's Posts. It doesn't default to fifty per page, anymore. But it does give a list of all the threads updated in the past twenty-four hours. And it does get refreshed with every post. HTH. :cool:
i think one major thing is the "today's post" shows everything whereas sometimes when we log in we only want to check the threads that's under the dance-related forums (ie, not fanstuff or dancers anonymous, events..etc) - and it's easier to tell which thread has been updated....

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