Uruguay Tango Lessons?

Instead of going to Buenos Aires where argentine tango and everyhing around it is highly overpriced some people recommend Urugay where you can find very good teachers with reasonable prices. Have you ever heard that? Any experience ?


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..people recommend Urugay where you can find very good teachers..
It may depend on where you come from. A friend of mine visited MV last year and really was disappointed. But this may mean nothing, because the tango heart is still beating in europe (at a high price level, of course).


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I've attended classes with Urugayan teachers Borteiro/Chiappara or Chenkuo Che and the were very ok. The price was not different though, as it was in... Buenos-Aires.


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The Uruguayans come to Buenos Aires when they want to dance at the milongas. They tell me there are milongas in Montevideo, but none like Buenos Aires. Good luck.

The cost of living is higher in Montevideo than it is in BsAs. I'll stay where I am.

The prices are high for one reason: foreigners will pay big bucks to the big name teachers, so they charge them more than they do locals. You can solve the problem but not taking private lessons.

I didn't see Miguel Angel Zotto's new show because I can't justify spending 100 pesos for it, nor even 70 pesos for Roberto Zuccarino's show. The tango houses with dinner shows cater for foreigners who don't know how to dance tango and charge them up to 600 pesos.

The average cost for a group class in BsAs is 20-30 pesos; the milonga entrada 15-25 pesos.
If you are a foreign tanguero, it can be fun to go to MV for a couple of days and attend some milongas, which tend to be small and a bit "nuevo." But in all honesty, everything in Uruguay is more expensive and the level of dance is a lot lower. Yes, lots of good musicians, and probably good dancers as well, are from Uruguay, but they came here to BsAs to do their tango thing.

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