US Open swing dance championship


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Anyone going? Thxgiving weekend, San Jose?

I registered tonight and will be staying at the Hilton Thursday through Sunday.

Would love to meet other DFers if anyone will be there.

Also have an extra bed in my room and am looking for someone with whom to share room/costs.

PM or email me if interested.


thanks for the reminder i totally spaced on it...

i'm planning on going, at least to the dances... i'll be at dickens fair during the day.
I'm probably going to the Thursday night dance, but I don't like sitting and watching competitions enough to pay a couple of hundred bucks for it. I'll spend that money on Palm Springs and Monterey instead.

dnice - is it possible to come in for just the dances on other nights than Thursday? Didn't seem to be from their website.

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jon said:
dnice - is it possible to come in for just the dances on other nights than Thursday? Didn't seem to be from their website.
Jon, thanks for bringing this up . . . I have the same question.
Because we have family over Thur and Fri (day), can we get into just the dances w/o paying the big $$$? We'dike to go Fri night or Sat night . . .

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Thanks jon . . . I guess a change of plans is in order . . . maybe off to Two Left Feet instead!!!

Thanks for the event schedule too!
Yes, yes yes!! :D :D :D We are going to the US Open, but not staying in the hotel. It's easier just to drive home, about a 30 min. drive from our house. We're very excited that it's being held in San Jose this year. I've never been to one before. Looks like all the dancing is late night or between competitions.
I wish I was going to be there. :( Be sure to check out Nathalie and Yuval's performance. I think there is going to be a lockin' and poppin' dancer named Hypno. He is AWESOME. We got to see him perform last weekend at Nathalie and Yuval's dance. Definitely incredibly talented and very artistic.
The dances are are available for $10 and run from midnight to 5am.
Tommy (Hypno) is pretty awesome, some of you might have seen him on Dance Fever. As a matter of fact, KEvin and Carla, and Kyle and Sarah all who competed on Dance Fever will be there.
Facilities complaints

Hm. I guess it is not surprising in retrospect that the dance floor at the US Open has all the ambience of a convention center/basketball court, since it's in one. In any event, that's the emotionally coldest place I've ever danced that was actually intended for dancing.

I wonder how it will affect the performers, who will be physically isolated from the audience, set back behind waist-high walls (and I wonder how many of the audience will be suffering badly after a few hours - those chairs look really narrow and uncomfortable).

Did enjoy the post-midnight music, though. And watching the guys doing the cool heel slides and drops over in the Lindy room, even though they were advertising a new line of dance shoes :)
I danced in the lindy room from 10pm to 1am...There were three people there when I walked in; almost left. Glad I stayed. Good dancing, great music, good dance floor. Even on a sprained ankle. (So my dancing is not so babying the foot and am therefore slow. Thanks to all my partners for putting up with me.)

Checked out the main room as I was leaving. I too wonder how this'll play out. I'm sure there'll be some incredible dancing to watch and by which to be inspired.

Am going to take a private today focusing on connection with someone one of my lindy teachers recommended. Another dance gift to myself.

More later...

d nice said:
How did you sprain your ankle?
Oh god a public confession of my stupidity...okay here goes (and Damon be gentle with the I told you sos please--I'm already my own harshest critic as I think you know): The dance at Tower Wednesday rocked. People I had never seen before, folks from out of town, good dancers. The injury started by getting hurt a little. Then I watched Heather's bday jam, and it ended with Tina (leading) dipping Heather and (I still swear this is what I saw) Heather picking both her feet up off the floor. So then I'm dancing with Andrew and he dips me at the end of the song, and I (not led, mind you) pick both my feet up off the floor and land badly, turning my ankle under me. I've been icing and wearing a brace when I still hurts bad but is getting better. Thank god.

I confessed my stupidity to Andrew and he said--very clearly--do not ever pick up your feet without being led, no without being FORCED to. Okay. Got it. Hope I survive this to dance another day.

Who is your private with?
Kyle Redd. Just took a WCS class with him and Sarah...really liked it. Very liberated (as opposed to rigid) approach to the dance, loose, fluid. One thing I really liked in their class was hearing them throw out the concept of "anchor in place." And replacing it with dancing. Nice.

I'm looking forward to working with him. I told him my mission is to be the world's best follow and he said I was well on my way. How nice to hear.

I'm also entertaining the thought of asking Yuval for a private (yup they're here, SwinginBoo). Or Kevin, or Carla. I know I know I'm just a dance trick.

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