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Copy and paste from USA's Facebook page:

Resignation of Glenn Weiss, President, USA Dance, Inc

January 16, 2018

The Governing Council announces the resignation of President Glenn Weiss, effective 1/15/2018. Due to personal, extenuating circumstances, Glenn will be relocating to Denmark. In considering the complexities of caring for his mother since her accident and the extensive travel involved in his profession, Glenn says, “my family has to be my number 1 priority” and “I have to make the best decision for my family and myself”.

Glenn expressed his regret and assures the Governing Council and members of USA Dance that he will be working to affect a seamless transition. Glenn will serve as Advisor to the President for a six-month period.

During this year Glenn has given USA Dance vision and focus for the future. We thank him for his many contributions and leadership.

Glenn thanks all USA Dance members, Chapter Officials, Governing Council – “I want to thank you all for the great work that you have done and I wish you all the best for the future”.

Gary Stroick, Senior Vice-President, per the Bylaws, (Article 6.B), will be assuming the role of President of USA Dance, Inc. The Governing Council will be filling the Senior VP position per the requirements of the Bylaws.

Gary, in leading the Governing Council will continue to focus on the vision and goals as outlined by Glenn, developing USA Dance as the premier dance organization in the United States.


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Does this materially change anything at USAD? I read the announcement as saying the new prez wants to keep the Weiss plan rolling.

I confess my initial reaction was, “Who cares?”.
Does this materially change anything at USAD? I read the announcement as saying the new prez wants to keep the Weiss plan rolling.

I confess my initial reaction was, “Who cares?”.
I’m more just cared from the perspective that I’ve known Glenn for a number of years, and I hope that he will be OK. I wouldn’t expect he would take lightly the idea of stepping down as president. Hopefully, he has been able to work together with Gary to plan this and hopefully they will be able to continue making some good progress.

Because of the nature of dance organizations being political, I realize that they will always be People who agree or disagree with the decisions of the leaders. I just hope that we can look back in a few years and feel like they made some positive contributions toward the growth of dancing in America.
Once again the entire executive Council of this organization is populated by people who’ve been appointed by each other, there are no elected officials in the leadership.
That seems to be very typical in any organizations, profit or non-profit. It is interesting that in any given time the fair election process is being preached; but never practically applied or seriously desired by the one can manipulate in any way.

Wishing speedy recovery...

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off topic but akin to Joe's post

After I took office with the Professional Dancers Federation someone asked me how I liked it. My answer something akin to "VP?.... You mean the 24/7 director of complaints!" One day I had, counted by noon, 23 email/text/calls, each for separate issues. It literally is nonstop.... and draining.

So yes, I completely agree. I am betting for the most part people that complain have very little understanding of the depth of the energy and time required for Glenn's (now Gary's) position.
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