USA Dance NorCal Summer Spectacular


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The Summer Spectacular is BACK*, in a new location!

Saturday, August 25th at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland, CA

  • TWO workshops -- Int. Cha Cha by former US Junior Latin Champ (now turned Pro) Diana Surkis, Am. Waltz by former US Rising Star Smooth Champ Roberta Sun
  • Competitive events, including Nightclub dances and Jack-and-Jill competitions
  • Singles Latin and Standard events for dancers under 18 without current partners
  • After-competition party -- dance until Midnight!

Please see our web site at for more information!

*We didn't have it last year, because we were running Nationals instead.


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By the way, although we'll be taking registrations for the Summer Spectacular on a walk-in basis, we will be having online pre-registration too. Stay tuned for details! And don't worry, there's no registration deadline for this particular comp, no late fees, etc. This is our fun-and-laid-back comp for the year, so come on by!


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I just got back from touring Just Dance Ballroom, the location for the 2007 NorCal Summer Spectacular. All I can say is WOW!

There's a ballroom with a championship-sized floor that will easily seat 250 spectators. This has a beautiful maple floor, and professional lighting.

Then there's a slightly smaller ballroom that we will be using for registration and warm-up.

Then there's a still smaller ballroom that will be turned into dressing room areas. The bathrooms are nice, too, with polished granite countertops, soft flattering lighting, and other nice decor.

The location is in Oakland, near the 23rd Ave. exit off of 880. There's free parking in front of and behind the ballroom (although everyone must enter from the front).

So, come on out and join us! See our web site at for details!
Laura, I agree with regard to Just Dance ballroom being a spectacular space ... it's truly a beautiful ballroom and huge to boot! Easily comp size ... larger than Nationals I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) ... newly built and high-tech.


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Not having seen the floor in Lousville, I can't say, but it is definitely a great sized floor!

So, are you coming? Email me (you can get the address off the web site) and let me know what events you think you'll enter -- I'm taking pre-registrations by email right now.


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We haven't held Summer Spectacular in a few years, but it's always our smallest competition. Usually we get a bunch of local Pre-teens and Juniors, some Syllabus and Novice Adults, and Senior Standard dancers. We run it as a walk-in competition, so we're never sure who will turn up! I've gotten a few emails about preregistering -- so if anyone is seriously thinking about coming, let me know and I'll put you in the computer (this will save time and chaos at Registration at the event itself).


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Adult Newcomer Waltz
1) Ron Nicholson & Jennifer Decad
2) Charles Jackson & Marji Taylor

Adult Bronze/Silver Standard (from semi-final)
1) Sunny Tai & Xiaojun Liu
2) Venkat Tamilrag & Tamar Kreps
3) Christopher Ellwood & Lea Shelton
4) Herman & Monica Suryoutomo
5) Patrick D. Wilcox & Karen B. Wagley
6) Dave Call & Mina Walter

Adult Bronze/Silver Smooth
1) John Haligheri & Keiko Tokuyama
2) Chat Clawitter & Hallie Scott
3) Hugh Chapman & Lorna Roza

Adult Gold Smooth
1) Christopher Ellwood & Lea Shelton
2) John Haligheri & Keiko Tokuyama

Adult Gold Standard
1) Peter K. Ng & Christina Wu
2) Herman & Monica Suryoutomo
3) Patrick D. Wilcox & Karen B. Wagley
4) Dave Call & Mina Walter
5) Ron Nicholson & Jennifer Decad
6) Ron J. Davies & Bonnie Barrett

Adult Bronze/Silver Latin
1) Venkat Tamilraj & Tamar Kreps

Adult Bronze/Silver Rhythm
1) John Haligheri & Keiko Tokuyama
2) Hugh Champman & Lorna Roza
3) Cahd Clawitter & Hallie Scott

Adult Nightclub 2-Step
1) Sean J. W. Lee & Melanie Scheible
2) Christopher Ellwood & Lea Shelton
3) John Haligheri & Keiko Tokuyama
4) Dave Call & Mina Walter
5) Ron Nicholson & Jennifer Decad
6) Chad Clawitter & Hallie Scott

Adult Hustle
1) Sean J. W. Lee & Melanie Scheible
2) Christopher Ellwood & Lea Shelton
3) Ron Nicholson & Jennifer Decad
4) Chad Clawitter & Hallie Scott
5) Hugh Chapman & Lorna Roza

Adult Salsa
1) Christopher Ellwood & Lea Shelton
2) Hugh Chapman & Lorna Roza
3) Chad Clawitter & Hallie Scott

Adult West Coast Swing
1) Ron Nicholson & Jennifer Decad
2) Dave Call & Mina Walter
3) Tony Chen & Lea Shelton
4) Chad Clawitter & Hallie Scott

Pre-Teen II Gold Latin
1) Eric Rosenberg & Mary Fiterman
2) Anton Vasin & Michelle Klets
3) Vlad Galashov & Madeline McGrath

Adult Novice Latin
1) Todd Marsden & Susanna L. Hardt

Senior I Latin
1) Todd Marsden & Susanna L. Hardt

Adult Novice Smooth
1) Christopher Ellwood & Lea Shelton
2) Barry Vlught & LaNay Eastman
3) John Haligheri & Keiko Tokuyama

Adult Novice Standard (from semi-final)
1) Steven A. Rosenau & Amelia Drace
2) Fritz Kruger & Jennifer Myers
3) Scott Lacy & Marissa Caldwell
4) Peter K. Ng & Christina Wu
5) John & Jalee Yio
6) Herman & Monica Suryoutomo

Junior Latin
1) Simon Orlovsky & Lucy Chibukhchyan
2) Eric Rosenberg & Mary Fiterman
3) Anton Vasin & Michelle Klets
4) Vlad Galashov & Madeline McGrath

Senior II Championship Standard
1) Hiroshi & Juliana Kawanami
2) James Kleinrath & Melody Singleton
3) Jim Holmes & Jeanne Foster


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There's more results, I just didn't get a chance to type them in. :)

What was interesting about this comp was that we ran three jack-and-jill events, each of which had semi-finals, making them the most popular events of the day. From time to time our ballroom club has kicked around the idea of having a party that was interspersed with a bunch of jack-and-jills, after seeing last night I think we should try it.


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We were at one of the NorCal events a while back - not just 'ordinary' jack 'n jill's, but switching halfway through to have the ladies lead the men (or should I say men follow the ladies) proved . . . interesting!


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Yeah, we had to deal with that last night too. I am pleased to say that I was paired with someone who not only had a hilariously lighthearted attitude, but who could also follow quite well when I had to lead Waltz. Unfortunately I couldn't remember how to do anything but natural turns and change steps! We started out with Standard (him leading), then switched to me leading (but looking like we were stuck in one place), and then we switched to Smooth (him leading). It was so much fun and we couldn't stop laughing!

What was really cool was that Pre-Championship Standard had just gotten off the floor, and it seemed that half the gentlemen from that event had entered the Jack-and-Jill!


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Thanks for the video, you can see how nice the new location is. We're using Just Dance Ballroom again on October 27th for the California State DanceSport Championships.
Thank you for doing this! What a nice video!
Thanks, Laura! I thought I'd make a shorter highlight video this time, rather than my typical, "unedited" compilation videos. By the way, you were right about the facilities at Just Dance Ballroom. What a beautiful place! And, it looked even more spectacular when the lights were turned down for the after-party.


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By the way, in your still pictures above:

1) Fritz Kruger & Jennifer Myers coming down the line of dance in promenade in Novice Standard, Jennifer is in the blue dress.

2) Simon Orlovsky & Lucy Chibukhchyan, looks like they are dancing Paso in Youth Championship Latin. (They are Juniors, and danced up into Youth.)

3) Antonio & Alexia Cardenas, probably in the Senior I Standard.


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Hi everyone, I'm trying to track down the online results. I will post the link to the results and judges' score sheets shortly. We're using a new release version of the software and so I'm not sure if everything is in the usual place....

Speaking of which (new release version), I must say that it all worked really fine. There were some bugs, but everything was caught and fixed. Mark Tabor of O2CM should get kudos for version 2.0, and for bringing it down to Summer Spectacular for us to beta-test.

(Ha, bet all you competitors didn't know that you were really just guinea pigs for software testing :) :) )

Also, a shout out goes to our Chairman, Ava Kaye, who ran our comp in the same week that she packed up and moved out of her house! I could never handle that much chaos at once....

And finally, many thanks go to our volunteers, who did everything from set up lights and chairs to taking money to explaining rules to people to lining up competitors to making sure the judges and officials got something to eat. We cannot do these events without you, and your hard work creates the time and place where dancers can step up and show what they've got.

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