Used Chrisanne Standard Dress for Sale


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Exquisite crocus and sky blue Chrisanne Standard gown. Sky blue underdress of soft, stretchy lyrca, covered in crocus (purple) fine mesh. Long mesh sleeves and mock-turtle neck with hand painted lace appliques. Multi-layer skirts of "shot" georgette shimmer faintly as the dress moves. Decorated with multi-colored rhinestone scrolls. Very stretchy and comfortable, and as light as air to wear.
Size 6 (if the bustline is fairly full) - 12 $1200

Please see my web page for larger pictures and other views.


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I make some of them, and I buy some of them. I didn't make this one, I bought it used from Chrisanne. I never got to wear it myself because right after I bought it my partner dumped me and I got incredibly depressed and started bingeing and gained nearly 50 pounds. I'm losing weight now but I'd rather find a buyer than keep it around waiting for me to be able to wear it again -- bad memories and all that.

Tasche, my size 6/7 friend is borrowing it and it fits her really well. I'd say the dress goes from 6-10 or possibly 12 if you are quite firm.


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Wow, Laura. No partner is worth bingeing. (Although I can understand partner-related depression ... not dance partner, life partner. :( )

Hang in. Any partner who'd dump you clearly didn't have a clue. You're tops, sweetie. :friend: ( btw. I lost quite a few pounds on Weight Watchers. It's kind of grueling, the first couple weeks(Because you're starving LOL,) but after that, it's not bad. And you do lose weight. 8) )


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Thanks, I've lost about 17 pounds via the non-diet diet. If I start weighing and measuring or counting points it puts me into an obsessive tailspin. So instead I just keep good food around and only eat what it takes for me to not be hungry. So far, so good.

As for dancing, about a year ago I hooked up with a new guy, but then he needed knee surgery so that put everything on hold. He came back to dancing at the end of August and we've been working together ever since. It's been going well, we're very happy with what we're doing and satisfied with our progress. Our first comp together will be next month. I have to make a dress for it!!!!!! :)


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Sure...I still have to settle on a design and the comp is 24 days away. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! But then, as my dad-in-law always says "if you wait until the last minute, then it only takes a minute!" :)


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Humm, interesting! Heliotrope has been done too many times (I've done it at least twice myself), so if the Volcano looks good then go for it.
Thats what I thought sides Heliotrope is a harder stone to track down.

I made a swatch which I stuck some stones onto to seeif I'd like it and hung it on the wal they only thing is I'm not sure I like the green flashes it gives but enmass migh be good its a prettier purple.

I have some vintage stones in Cathedral which is like volcano but without the green/yellow but they dont make that anymore =/

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